There’s a New Species of Badger in the Canyon:  Blow Outs, Big Rocks, and Mojo Nixon

There are road trips and then there are Epic road trips.  In my 48 years on Earth, I’ve never experienced an Epic road trip until the past weekend.  Months in planning, a group of six Team Honey Badger Irregulars set out in a wagon train of two to the great plains of the Texas Panhandle. Destination: Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  The reason: run trails. The trip started out smoothly enough … [Read more...]

Rock Run 8k: Staying Ahead of Them Old Muddy Waters and a Return to Running 101

Injury is what you make of it.  It can be an opportunity to take stock and plan your comeback or a prolonged period of sour grapes. This time around, I felt a bit of both. After a hard winter season of completing three marathons in the space of 64 days, I found myself lame and unable to run without pain. It was the same injury that fell a cocky new half marathoner five years ago when he thought he … [Read more...]

Bona Dea:  In the Time of “Firsts”

Welcome Guest Writer and Tie Dyed Trail Grub owner, Bill Dobbins This year’s Bona Dea 50k will always represent a multitude of “firsts” for me. Besides being the first Arctic run of the year, there were four first 50k finishes that I know about, a distance PR and a brush with running greatness.  My purpose is to tell their stories and not dwell on the cold, because even in the dreariest of … [Read more...]

There were Badgers in the Woods and All Hell Broke Loose: War Eagle Tail Twister Race

The War Eagle Tail Twister Race has become an annual rite of summer for our Little Rock running group: The Team Honey Badger Running Irregulars. We make no excuses for being rowdy and one of our friends from the Hashers has taken to calling us the “other drinking group with a running problem”. It was in that spirit that our motley band saddled up and made the caravan trek to Northwest Arkansas on … [Read more...]

The Go Rock Roadshow: Outback in the Ozarks, Sensual Avocados, and Dueling Banjos

When I think of my Outback relay team, the Grand Funk Railroad tune We’re an American Band comes to mind. “We’re comin’ to your town, we’ll help you party it down” seemed to be our team mantra as we made the caravan trek to Eureka Springs for packet pick up. It was a unique collection of personalities which took to the road that day, all of us members of the Team Honey Badger Running Irregular … [Read more...]