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Hoofing it for a Cause

The Seven Hollows Trail is a beautiful run/hike in the Spring.

Race calendars offer athletes a multitude of events promoted as fundraising events for charitable programs. Many runners, walkers and cyclists appreciate knowing that the race fees they pay go farther than a t-shirt and timing chip. Hoof it for Heifer race director Wanda Eason knows "it takes everybody doing their part to make a difference. The running community's personality as a whole puts them … [Read more...]

Go Loco!


Loco, bonkers, loony, mad, psycho, or nuts are all words one might choose to describe the adrenaline junkies who are always seeking the next adventure. I am certain some of those words have been used to describe me while having little or nothing to do with my own adventure seeking. Recently our family took an opportunity to once again visit one of our favorite Arkansas towns, Mountain View. The … [Read more...]

Simple Addition


Additive number theory studies subsets of integers and their behavior under addition. This could be a post dedicated to the tried and true story of how much running adds to one's life. Millions of words have been written by and about people who have changed their lives through running by getting healthy, staying healthy, combating illness, overcoming some debilitating illness be it physical or … [Read more...]

Fight For Air


We climb for those that can't breathe on their own. We climb because no one deserves to die from lung cancer. We climb because our children deserve to breathe clean and healthy air. The American Lung Association -Arkansas has been raising both awareness and funds to battle lung disease. They promote programs on improving indoor and outdoor air quality, raise funds for research, and give … [Read more...]

A Little Taste of Home


What does it feel like to hit a rocky trail, to climb and descend over and over again for 31 miles? What does it feel like to get up the very next day and do it again, for 50 miles? And what would it feel like after all that, to get up again and run for 12? I will probably never know but the strong, resilient, incredible endurance athletes who run the 3 Days of Syllamo stage race … [Read more...]

Arkansas Heels on Wheels Gains Momentum

Anna's ready to ride

Today we have a story from Arkansas Heels on Wheels founder Victoria Crumpton. Victoria, Stacy, Chantal, Willa, Laura and many other great women have been championing the cause for getting more women out on two wheels in Central Arkansas. Keep up with scheduled rides, motivation and great cycling news by following them on Facebook. Can you think of an instance where you were nervous to be in a … [Read more...]

A Story in Every Picture

Thumbs up

Arriving at the soccer fields at Burns Park in North Little Rock early on Saturday morning, one of the first things that struck me was the number of people in shorts and short sleeves. At this race last year I was wearing a long down coat, the one I lovingly refer to as my sleeping bag, and many racers were bundled in fleece and tights only shedding an outer layer after the start. In  years past, … [Read more...]

It Takes a Village

Trail runs give you wings.

The Arkansas Trail Run Series isn't new, I think this is my third year of participation, but it needs to grow. And to grow  the word needs to spread so help us out here and tell your friends to get their running shoes dirty. Saturday morning was cold, but not brutal. Soon, racers that had been in long pants and coats would shed to shorts and shirt sleeves. It would have been warmer had there … [Read more...]

The Satisfaction of Microadventuring

Ozark Beer Company

I checked my annual leave hour balance and thought to myself, how can this be? Last year's plan for a 10 - 14 day journey to Yellowstone never happened, in fact there was not a trip lasting more than 4 days outside of Arkansas. If not for a college open house weekend, we could only count a couple of much welcomed trips to see in-laws in Alabama in the tally of ventures outside the state. Before I … [Read more...]

Mud Bath, who needs a spa?

Great finishers medals and other souvenirs of the day.

After the temperatures rose out of the single digits, the rains started. The polar vortex left a slightly warmer but soaking wet blanket over much of the state. By the early morning on the day of the inaugural Fit4Life Village Creek 10K/25K Trail Run, the rains had subsided leaving behind damp air that sent a chill to the bone on the brisk morning breeze. That didn't seem to concern the 132 … [Read more...]