That Dam Night Run

A group of runners make there way across the dam.

The flat truck held a long load of lumber down the center of the bed. The lumber in turn, held a group of runners dressed in wicking t-shirts and shorts, prepared for the heat and humidity of an Arkansas July. Many of those runners yelled, cheered, hooted or hollered at me and Ashley as they sped by us, load after load, truck after truck. Why were we not on one of those transports? Because we … [Read more...]

Zombies Don’t Wear Headlamps


Ashley: What's that up ahead? Is it a person? Is it coming toward us or away from us? Mindy: It's a zombie. Ashley: Shut up! Me: It's okay Ashley, zombies don't wear headlamps, it can't be a zombie. Zombies don't wear headlamps. Unless you count the blank zombie like stare and faltering perambulation of an endurance runner doing an overnight long run. The swaying, lumbering form in … [Read more...]

Finding Your Center

AO Friend Tammy demonstrates how she mixes Yoga and Stand Up Paddle boarding on Lake Dardanelle.

A couple of weeks back I was unfurling my yoga mat at the back of the room when I heard a familiar name. Knowing, or trying to get to know a lot of people in the outdoor sport community, often means that wherever athletes gather, I know someone. Low and behold I was working on perfecting my chatarunga and finding my center with none other than 3 Bridges Marathon organizer Jacob Wells. It's not … [Read more...]

Pure Joy


Apparently I missed out on being asked the question of the day posed by Katie McManners at the Go!Mile, which was "What does being here today mean to you?".  I was relaxing, having the rare treat of reading the Sunday paper on Sunday morning instead of Sunday night or Monday, when Joe called me into the office to look at the photos I took during the race. Up on the screen was a picture of a happy … [Read more...]

It Ain’t No He-Man Woman Haters Club


My friend Cassandra came by to pick me up on the way to northwest Arkansas for our long awaited girls weekend with Stephanie and Lara. When most people think of a weekend getaway with the girls, the automatic assumption is that it will be a weekend of shopping, good food and maybe a little wine as moms and harried working women escape the stress of their busy lives. Maybe two out of three ain't … [Read more...]

Will Run for Food Trucks

12 War Eagle T-shirt back

Tonight I'll pack my bag. I'll pack my trail running shoes and my favorite shorts; I'll pack wicking socks and a band for my sure to be sweaty forehead; I'll pack Honey Stinger chews and make sure I have Skratch for my water bottle. I'll also be packing something to wear that's a little nicer and doesn't smell like stale sweat,  because part of the adventure is the wandering. I've opined before … [Read more...]

Spreading Peace, Love, and Goodwill

Heroes coming off the Big Dam Bridge.

On Saturday May 10th, runners gathered to spread the peace, love, and goodwill of the sport that gives them wings and to support the inaugural Peace, Love, and Goodwill 5K for Goodwill Industries of Arkansas. Runners were promised a good time and a good run that would help Goodwill Industries accomplish the objective of giving the community a hand up. Goodwill Industries of Arkansas helps people … [Read more...]

Cyclofemme 2014, Wheels of Change

Diane sporting a real (and fresh) Cyclofemme Tattoo.

May 11th, 2014 marked the day Arkansas Outside hosted Central Arkansas's third Cyclofemme ride. Fulfilling a mission as important as encouraging and empowering more women to get on their bikes and ride could be a full time endeavor. While we continue striving to share the love of cycling as well as running, paddling, and other outdoor sports, we are indebted to those who have committed their time … [Read more...]

Mayfest in the Mountains


As the evening sun shone bright in the western sky, I reclined in a pale green Adirondack chair, refreshing beverage in hand, soaking in the the soothing sound of Fayetteville based singer/songwriter Gable Bradley performing on the small stage below the stone tower at Hazel Valley Ranch. The smooth style of the Springsteen sound-alike balladeer was almost as relaxing as the late afternoon hammock … [Read more...]

Stop. Hammock Time.

The list of activities includes bike rides, trail runs, hikes, rock climbing, yoga, disc golf, and chess. Accommodations include luxurious patches of earth upon which you may stake your tent or tie up your hammock. Weeks of increased duties at work and a long list of other stressors have me looking forward to a night under the stars with maybe even a fire to ward off the spring chill. Perhaps my … [Read more...]