We Lost a Hero

Riding in Central Arkansas Cyclofemme 2013.

(This is probably the most personal post we've ever done, please allow us a moment to unload) We do a lot of hero worshiping these days. famous sports figures, TV and movie personalities, the occasional politician but these aren't the people who really keep our individual worlds turning. Like the multiple pedal strokes it takes to keep our wheels spinning and our bikes moving forward, there are … [Read more...]

A New Crop of Trail Stewards


It was going to be hot and I suspected that only a couple of us regulars would show up for the clean and ride. Clean and rides are what Central Arkansas Trail Alliance, a local International Mountain Bicycling Association chapter, call a trail work day. Usually, we show up, do some trail maintenance maybe a reroute or whatever is needed, then we have something to eat, maybe a quick beer to cut the … [Read more...]

Finding Your Home

Finishing the Leadville 100 MTB in 2012.

Just a few days ago, a client and long-time friend, asked me a really interesting question… “Hey Ben, how long have you been an endurance athlete?” As a coach slash physiologist slash nutritionist slash business owner, rarely are you provided the opportunity of time luxury to sit back and reflect on such questions, so it was with uncertainty did my immediate arithmetic (predicated on my first bike … [Read more...]

Your Playground Needs Help

Hikers on the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism)

I was looking through some past posts the other day and came upon this one from early spring, Trails don’t just happen. Looking for something in particular, I was disappointed to find no links to one of the most basic ways that anyone can support trail building and maintenance in Arkansas. The trails in Arkansas have many types of users: dog walkers, day hikers, backpackers, wildlife … [Read more...]

Three Ladies at the Three Legged Dawg


I had the pleasure of racing my first ever single track mountain bike race at the Iron Mountain Trail called The Three-legged Dawg put on by DLT events.  This is one of the newer trails in the Ouachita region located on the shores of DeGray Lake near Arkadelphia.  I had only ridden at Iron Mountain two previous times,  but I have very fond memories of this trail.  Two years ago when I was brand … [Read more...]

Round and around and around they go…


2014 marked the fourth year of the Star-Spangled Classic Criterium,  the last hurrah of local road bike racing in Little Rock before it slips silently away for the summer until it is reborn like a phoenix in the spring.  The course is a flat, 1-mile circuit mostly along Riverfront Drive in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  For those unfamiliar with criterium racing, cyclists race for a fixed amount of … [Read more...]

Here comes the Star Spangled Solstice


The final night of the Ronde von Burns Criterium races was last night in Burns Park. The Tuesday night series ended on a very high note with some spectacular racing and for the first time a kids race that was well attended and enjoyed by participants and spectators. The Cottonwoods continued to snow their seeds down on the event as the races proceeded throughout the early evening. Local … [Read more...]

New Trail Celebrations


The already fantastic mountain biking scene continues to improve across Arkansas. Earlier last week I had the opportunity to ride out at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock with several friends and some of the Arkansas National Guard leadership. It was a great ride with a couple of bike shop owners, John Barton of JBar Cycling, Scott Penrod and Laura Wooldridge of the Central Arkansas Velo mountain … [Read more...]

Your Invitation has Arrived


It's time to celebrate one of our favorite things, trails. Remember that this Saturday, June 7th is National Trails Day and to give it proper respect you NEED to be out on an Arkansas trail. Extra points if you make it out to the dedication of a new trail. To earn those points, Arkansas State Parks has you covered with not one but two trail dedications on Saturday morning. Boston Mountain Multi- … [Read more...]

A New Kind of Ride


Rain had been in the forecast all week and there was great concern about what could happen come Saturday morning. Seventy miles of road cycling is daunting enough on its own, but add pouring rain and it could become pure drudgery. Many conversations before the ride consisted of speculation on the weather's effect on the coming event. This isn't going to be your average charity ride; this is … [Read more...]