Hike or Paddle or…


...Both. This past weekend we spent some time exploring Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. Fairfield Bay is a small town of almost 2500 people, a resort community tucked into the north shore of Greer's Ferry Lake. Surrounded by the beautiful Ozark Mountains with access to one of Arkansas's pristine lakes, the town has a lot to offer visitors who enjoy the outdoors. We met local realtor, community … [Read more...]

Refreshingly Authentic


The tag line on the visitor's guide website is Pagosa Springs: Refreshingly Authentic, come to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and enjoy simplicity on a grand scale. We walked through the front door of Riff Raff Brewing Company after a morning of hiking with good friends and former Arkansas residents Stephen and Randi Lynne Durham. The Durhams have been host to many an Arkansas mountain biker … [Read more...]

2014 Bike & Hike for ALS


There is something really special that happens on the morning of the ALS Bike and Hike. Most days, as cyclists, we air up our tires, ice down our water bottles, and fill up our jersey pockets with “fuel.” But on this odd morning, we also pack up some tennis shoes and a ball cap for a mid-ride hike up Pinnacle Mountain. Let me tell you, it is a challenging event, but the sweet view from the top … [Read more...]

Anything but Dismal


After a long hot summer, I always get excited as the fall breezes begin to cool the land and transform the leaves to their bright fall colors. The slow fall of leaves from the trees is a sure sign that it is once again time to explore the rugged wilderness that is the Ozarks. One of the great benefits of living in the Ozark Mountains is the opportunity for an almost exhaustive list of … [Read more...]

Your Playground Needs Help

Hikers on the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism)

I was looking through some past posts the other day and came upon this one from early spring, Trails don’t just happen. Looking for something in particular, I was disappointed to find no links to one of the most basic ways that anyone can support trail building and maintenance in Arkansas. The trails in Arkansas have many types of users: dog walkers, day hikers, backpackers, wildlife … [Read more...]

Trails don’t just happen


One of the most popular activities in parks and wilderness areas is hiking on trails. For thousands of years trails have been used for transportation, hunting, exploring, commerce. Long before roads, trails were created not on purpose but through repetition of use, the path of least resistance to travel from one point to another. In the late 19th century, as our technological world expanded … [Read more...]

Mount Kessler – A Personal Perspective

She confused me and bruised me, but when I saw the massive rock formations and multicolored splendor of Mount Kessler's foliage, it was love at first sight. This love affair begins in 1995 when I was attending Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. My friend and I started a mountain bike team and had been training for about a year when we saw an Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series … [Read more...]

Staying Close on Christmas


With plans for extended  family gatherings on Christmas day, Lisa and I decided to keep our traditional Christmas Day Hike close to home. It's often hard to find a trail nearby that we haven't already walked or ridden too many times to count.  The lucky thing for us is that there are a lot of places in Central Arkansas where you can suddenly feel like you've gotten away from it all, even just a … [Read more...]

The Joy of the Urban Trail

New Bridges at Lake Fayetteville Trails.

I could never resist the call of the trail. - Buffalo Bill To be happy living in the city, I need to have a trail nearby. Not a paved trail like the Arkansas River Trail or the Razorback Greenway Trail. Although trails like those are very nice and necessary for both transportation and recreation, I'm looking for natural surface, dirt, singletrack, a path through the woods. When I first moved to … [Read more...]

2013 Saddlebock Mountain Bike Festival – Fun for the Whole Family!

Enjoying the bonfire.

Through word of mouth, the hidden gem of Hazel Valley Ranch had been talked about among my fellow mountain biker and cyclist friends here in Central Arkansas.  I was determined to get up to NW Arkansas the next time an event was held there, and when Joe invited me to accompany him to the Saddlebock Mountain Bike Festival, I jumped at the opportunity.  Billed as a "Family Friendly weekend event", I … [Read more...]