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Go Loco!


Loco, bonkers, loony, mad, psycho, or nuts are all words one might choose to describe the adrenaline junkies who are always seeking the next adventure. I am certain some of those words have been used to describe me while having little or nothing to do with my own adventure seeking. Recently our family took an opportunity to once again visit one of our favorite Arkansas towns, Mountain View. The … [Read more...]

Trails don’t just happen


One of the most popular activities in parks and wilderness areas is hiking on trails. For thousands of years trails have been used for transportation, hunting, exploring, commerce. Long before roads, trails were created not on purpose but through repetition of use, the path of least resistance to travel from one point to another. In the late 19th century, as our technological world expanded … [Read more...]

Wise Words from an American Adventurer


Over 50 years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mount Everest. In his own words, he did not conquer Everest, "You never conquer a mountain. Mountains can't be conquered; you conquer yourself."  You've probably read his most famous quote in a meme or on a t-shirt, "If you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much space." His biography is titled A Life on the … [Read more...]

The Satisfaction of Microadventuring

Ozark Beer Company

I checked my annual leave hour balance and thought to myself, how can this be? Last year's plan for a 10 - 14 day journey to Yellowstone never happened, in fact there was not a trip lasting more than 4 days outside of Arkansas. If not for a college open house weekend, we could only count a couple of much welcomed trips to see in-laws in Alabama in the tally of ventures outside the state. Before I … [Read more...]

The Year in Pictures 2013

Lisa enjoying her first trip to Hawksbill Crag.

It seems we got around to doing a pretty good bit in 2013. It was a big year for Arkansas Outside; we actually had our own beer for a while until our fans drank it all up. Thanks to Vino's for making that happen (before you ask, we hope to have it back in the Spring, time will tell.) While covering races, Lisa finished her first 50K trail run and her first road marathon this year. Due to inclement … [Read more...]

2013 Top Spots & Events to get Stoked


We ran a little survey the last few weeks asking you where your favorite spots are to run, hike, ride, paddle and climb in Arkansas. Here is what you came up with as the top (multiple entries indicate ties): What is your favorite mountain bike trail system in Arkansas? Camp Robinson Womble Syllamo, Iron Mountain, Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (Looks like a bunch of the old standby trails … [Read more...]

We Have A Winner

Good think he is receiving a new noggin insulator, that hat is totally inappropriate.

(As a company that is very proud of its transparency to its readers, we offer the story of how the winner of the Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters/Arkansas Outside Selfie Contest was attained. This post also serves as the announcement of the winner.)  I spent Saturday morning upgrading the memory capabilities of the Arkansas Outside Prize Winner Selection Mainframe AOPWSM. The task at hand would  … [Read more...]

What gets you stoked?


"stoked" - adjective - to be "stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. those who are stoked all of the time know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. when one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do. - Urban Dictionary We've talked about being stoked before, Jeremy Mackey gave us a couple of stories on the stoke and what … [Read more...]

Paddles and Proposals


Something wonderful happened out on the Cossatot River this weekend. We often write about the family that is formed by those of us who appreciate and enjoy being active outdoors. This weekend that family just got a little stronger, we'll let Ginger and Lance tell you what happened. Her Turn (by Ginger): Adventure time was the post of the day as Lance and I jumped in the truck and headed out … [Read more...]

Snow Day!


It's not all work and no play around here, those employees who made it to the corporate offices at Arkansas Outside were treated to some fun on Mountain Drive. Snow Day at AO from ArkansasOutside on Vimeo. Having most of the scheduled outdoor events cancelled is no reason to stay inside. A sheet of hard plastic and an incline can quickly turn into hours of fun. Also remember that as of … [Read more...]