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Winter Floating in Arkansas


The rains of early January have given way to some great floats around the state this Winter. Here is some nice video that Laramy Ridley shared with us of Snow Creek/Illinois Bayou on a recent trip. Looks like a fun day of river running. Snow Creek / Illinois Bayou from Laramy Ridley on Vimeo. You can see more great kayaking video at KayakArkansas. … [Read more...]

Happy Canoe Year!

20140101-Red Hot Cider-IMGP2483

Arriving at the Pinnacle Mountain parking lot, we found ourselves in an anthill of activity as boats were toted down from the trucks and shuttles were being set at the takeout. It was the first day of 2014, and Arkansas Canoe Club boaters from all over Central Arkansas were excited to start the new year with a float on the Little Maumelle. Quite a collection of kayaks and canoes developed at the … [Read more...]

Moonlight on the Mississippi


I find peace on the water. There is a stillness in my soul as I slice a paddle through the smooth glassy surface of the water. My spirit is tranquil even when the river is turbulent. I see the reflection of the trees and the sky and imagine that dipping my head below the surface will take me to that inverted universe, like Alice through the looking glass. She and I both know that things are not … [Read more...]

Paddles and Proposals


Something wonderful happened out on the Cossatot River this weekend. We often write about the family that is formed by those of us who appreciate and enjoy being active outdoors. This weekend that family just got a little stronger, we'll let Ginger and Lance tell you what happened. Her Turn (by Ginger): Adventure time was the post of the day as Lance and I jumped in the truck and headed out … [Read more...]

Chilly Water


We've found ourselves in fall’s chilly march toward winter.   Warm weather sports are over for the year. Fortunately for the paddlers of Arkansas, kayaking and canoeing is not a summertime-specific activity. Paddling is a whenever-and-wherever-the-water-is sport, and this time of year, the water is coming up. This makes for some happy paddlers, adrenaline junkies and casual boaters … [Read more...]

Wet, Wild and Wonderful


Spending time with people who are in to and excited by outdoor recreation is a pleasure. Rarely is there boring talk of what's on television or what someone said did on an awards show the other night. There is not even much talk of spectator sports. The conversations tend to be about experiences: their experiences, a friend's experiences and sharing your experiences. What could be better than … [Read more...]

Rediscovering The Stoke

Waiting on the dock.

A few months ago, I wrote an article for Arkansas Outside called, The Stoke. Over the course of the summer, I found myself searching for my own. Call it the "dog days,” blame it on the hot weather, or maybe I have just been distracted. Whatever the case, I was finding it hard to get "stoked" about my usual activities. Save for one nagging idea in the back of my brain that just wouldn't go … [Read more...]

How to Spend the Last Day of Summer Vacation

One of many jumpers.

Three things came together this weekend that created a once in a lifetime experience: a float on the upper Buffalo National River....in mid August. First-  for us August is a time to back off the Arkansas Outside push for awhile, time to spend a couple of weekends with the family and catchi up on chores around the house. It's the short rest we need before we dive into the craziness of outdoor … [Read more...]

Coolin’ Off

Just wanted to share a little video by David Lewis taken at the Rockport Ledge. You can drive to it but it's more fun to float there like we did on the 4th of July. Enjoy. Rockport from David Lewis on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Rollin’ on the River

A nice place for a break.

Rollin' on the River for the 4th of July for us might have described our oft used River Trail route by bike but this year it meant getting one of our much neglected kayaks out of storage and loaded on the Arkansas Outside Mobile Office along with my new paddleboard. Friends and AO contributors Aly and Bryan Signorelli invited us to join a group that planned to paddle the Ouachita River from the … [Read more...]