That Dam Night Run

A group of runners make there way across the dam.

The flat truck held a long load of lumber down the center of the bed. The lumber in turn, held a group of runners dressed in wicking t-shirts and shorts, prepared for the heat and humidity of an Arkansas July. Many of those runners yelled, cheered, hooted or hollered at me and Ashley as they sped by us, load after load, truck after truck. Why were we not on one of those transports? Because we … [Read more...]

Zombies Don’t Wear Headlamps


Ashley: What's that up ahead? Is it a person? Is it coming toward us or away from us? Mindy: It's a zombie. Ashley: Shut up! Me: It's okay Ashley, zombies don't wear headlamps, it can't be a zombie. Zombies don't wear headlamps. Unless you count the blank zombie like stare and faltering perambulation of an endurance runner doing an overnight long run. The swaying, lumbering form in … [Read more...]

Your Playground Needs Help

Hikers on the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism)

I was looking through some past posts the other day and came upon this one from early spring, Trails don’t just happen. Looking for something in particular, I was disappointed to find no links to one of the most basic ways that anyone can support trail building and maintenance in Arkansas. The trails in Arkansas have many types of users: dog walkers, day hikers, backpackers, wildlife … [Read more...]

Pure Joy


Apparently I missed out on being asked the question of the day posed by Katie McManners at the Go!Mile, which was "What does being here today mean to you?".  I was relaxing, having the rare treat of reading the Sunday paper on Sunday morning instead of Sunday night or Monday, when Joe called me into the office to look at the photos I took during the race. Up on the screen was a picture of a happy … [Read more...]

Finding Meaning in a One Mile Race


Spring and early summer are favorite times for me to be in Burns Park, the large municipal park in North Little Rock which hosts events such as Duathlons, Mountain Bike Races, Dragon Boat Races, Adventure Races, Cyclocross and Criteriums and recent host to the Arkansas Trails Day celebration. The park has been a major player in outdoor recreation in Central Arkansas for many years, once a part of … [Read more...]

The First Leadman Event – The Road to Leadville Part – 8


The Marathon 26 Reasons NOT to Run a Marathon…like #4, Chafing “OK. Here it comes....I got this…..What else do I need to do to get ready…not sure…OK… what?” Yup, that’s the voice in my head trying to create anxiety and concern about the first of the five Leadman events, the Marathon up Mosquito pass to 13,185 feet and back down on July 14th, 2014. All of us have had butterflies … [Read more...]

GO! Mile Interviews – Cortney Allison

Cortney finishing the Boston Marathon.

(The final of three interviews with various runners participating in the 2014 Go! Mile happening June 14th in Burns Park. Register at: RunSignUp) Marathon girl running fast!   Cortney Allison is at home in the marathon, so the Mile is a definite challenge for this effervescent long distance runner.  Cortney was too close for comfort in the Boston bombing last year, just a few minutes separated … [Read more...]

There were Badgers in the Woods and All Hell Broke Loose: War Eagle Tail Twister Race

“The piper's calling you to join him…” One small part of the Hobbs Trail

The War Eagle Tail Twister Race has become an annual rite of summer for our Little Rock running group: The Team Honey Badger Running Irregulars. We make no excuses for being rowdy and one of our friends from the Hashers has taken to calling us the “other drinking group with a running problem”. It was in that spirit that our motley band saddled up and made the caravan trek to Northwest Arkansas on … [Read more...]

It Ain’t No He-Man Woman Haters Club


My friend Cassandra came by to pick me up on the way to northwest Arkansas for our long awaited girls weekend with Stephanie and Lara. When most people think of a weekend getaway with the girls, the automatic assumption is that it will be a weekend of shopping, good food and maybe a little wine as moms and harried working women escape the stress of their busy lives. Maybe two out of three ain't … [Read more...]

Mount Magazine 15K


WARNING! THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS! It climbs 2,000 ft. in 9.3 uncertified miles. IT WILL BE HOT! Showers may be available afterwards. Runners under 18 must have a parent at the race. Still only ONE HILL! These are the words of warning found on the registration form from years past… and they are TRUTH! This was one tough climb! It was HOT. The race didn’t start until 8:00 and it was 75 … [Read more...]