Styx n’Stones Tail Run

Race Information Styx n’Stones Trail Run

Ultra Trail Series: Styx n’Stones Tail Run is part of the UTS.  More information on the UTS

Time/Location: 8:00AM.  Day Use Pavilion at Devils Den State Park.

Distance:  Approximately 30K (18.6 miles). The short option is 15K (9.3 Miles).

Aid:  There will be minimal aid. This may include water, sports drink and light food.  However, you are encouraged to carry your own provisions.   Water bottle highly recommended.

FEE:  No fees.  No frills.  No wimps.  No whining.  Donations to help cover costs are appreciated. There will be a donation can at the sign-in table.

Timing: Please keep your own time and sign in at the finish.  Results will be posted on

Difficulty:  This is a long race on difficult, technical trail.

Runner Info: Gaiters recommended:  expect any combination of sticks, stones, boulders, mud, scree, grit, trail debris, rocks, sand, slippery rocks, roots, loose rocks…Much of the trail is very technical.  Don’t plan to run a personal best here.  Enjoy the great outdoors and exercise your demons.

Major climb the first two plus miles.  Gnarly climb at ~13 miles.

Six hour time limit.  Runners passing the 9-mile checkpoint after 10:50 AM will be required to stop at 15k.  Assume the 30k will take nearly as long as a road marathon.

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