Yonder Harvest Music Festival

October 16, 2014 – October 18, 2014 all-day
Mulberry Mountain
4117 Mulberry Mountain Loop
Ozark National Forest, Ozark, AR 72949
(785) 749-3434

Nestled deep inside the heart of the Ozark Mountains there is a special place known simply as “Mulberry Mountain.” And despite a storied history, something decidedly different happened on The Mountain in the Fall of 2006. That year, there was a small, but inarguably magical gathering that allowed Mulberry Mountain to begin building a culture synonymous with the celebration of art, community and music. Those humble beginnings birthed an annual gathering that is now known as “Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival.”

Each Fall, the vibrant green foliage of the Ozark National Forest gives way to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. The smell of campfire and the sound of expertly plucked strings combine with Mother Nature’s visually stunning surroundings to create an event that must be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. It’s known simply as “Harvest” to the endearing community who have found their extended “family” inside of this grassroots gathering.

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