The Clash of Cultures


One of the most interesting aspects of the growth of the bicycling culture in Central Arkansas takes place when it rubs up against the existing norm of our cities. The meeting is often expected to be very negative; yet, when it finally happens it often has a positive outcome. Events this past weekend in downtown Little Rock and the South Main Street (SOMA) area exemplify this result. I was … [Read more...]

The View from Above

The view over Siloam Springs

Initially, I met Wolf Grulkey and his crew from Skydive Sky Ranch at Byrd’s Adventure Center at their event “Borat’s Skydivers’ Boogie”.  I was excited to learn that there would be a Skydiving event at Byrd’s this year. Skydiving was on my bucket list, and I love flying, so I was naturally curious. I’ve flown in commercial jet planes, Cessna's and helicopters….with the doors or windows off if … [Read more...]

Bikes Bringing Communities Together


This tale begins when a downhill racing dirt diva, a mountain biking mom and a trails coordinator walk into a coffee shop. These three women walked in to Arsaga's with an idea for a women's mountain bike ride to kick-off the dedication of the Razorback Greenway Trail, a 36.9 mile multiuse trail in Northwest Arkansas that connects Fayetteville to Bella Vista. They walked out with a plan for a group … [Read more...]

Ride Alongside: The Heart of a Marriage and the Cardiac Classic


Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. The old adage attributed to author and philosopher Albert Camus could be considered great guidance for friendship and for love. It could also be good preparation for couples who ride together. Just when we think we have that whole riding together thing down, one of us skips a … [Read more...]

Moving Forward

Drawing #2 Proposed Plan for Riverfront Drive.

Update: This from Jeremy Lewno, Bike Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Little Rock, "Great news to report! All of the emails and messages have worked. Ward 2 Director Kathy Webb asked the City to proceed with the Grant Application to restructure Riverfront Drive, referencing the 70 some emails she's received today alone regarding this project. City Manager Bruce Moore confirmed moving … [Read more...]

Central Arkansas Family Fun ‘n’ Fit Ride


April 26th marked the first of what is hoped to be many bike rides for the new group- The Central Arkansas Family Fun n Fit Rides. The group rides are sponsored by Specialized Bikes and Specialized Central Arkansas dealers. Rides are led by myself, Missy Vail, as one of the leaders of Arkansas Heels on Wheels, and James Whited, the local Specialized representative.  Specialized's motivation behind … [Read more...]

Iron Mountain, You’ve Gotta Be Handy with the Wheel

Iron Mountain Charlie Roberts

The day started like most race mornings, very early, holding a hot cup of coffee and wondering why in the hell I'm doing this. Then, as most do for an out of town race, we all met up in a parking lot to carpool. After a quick exchange of hellos and good mornings, we began loading up our bikes and gear to begin our journey southwest towards Arkadelphia’s Iron Mountain. The race was originally … [Read more...]

Joe Martin Stage Race Update 1 – The Time Trial


Below are the results from the first day of the Joe Martin Stage Race. The Time Trial. We'll post more throughout the weekend. WOMEN’S TEAM CLASSIFICATION FOR STAGE 1 Time Trial Pro Men TEAM CLASSIFICATION FOR STAGE 1 Time Trial Women RESULTS Time Trial Women AGE 1-22 RESULTS Time Trial Men 1-2 RESULTS Time Trial Pro Men RESULTS Time Trial Pro Men Age 1-22 RESULTS Time Trial … [Read more...]

Double Barrels of Fun


Have you ever watched the biathlon in the Olympics and thought, “ Wow! That would be so cool to do, but on a mountain bike?” If so, you’re not alone. The mountain bike biathlon dream came alive in all its glorious splendor on April 11 with the Double Barrel near Bentonville. For you non-Olympiads, the biathlon is a winter sport that pairs cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. As in, you ski … [Read more...]

Keeping it Human Powered and Outside


Arkansas Outside recently asked for our help by sharing with them the Human Powered, Outside Weekend we had recently. And being the good Boy Scout I am, I am happy to comply. And by “Boy Scout” I mean I’m a girl. And by “asked for our help” I mean AO simply blogged about wanting readers to share their own stories of adventure. This article is completely unrequested, but I know where Joe and Lisa … [Read more...]