A Gentleman’s Race

Cold, Cold, Cold. I woke up and immediately checked the weather on my phone, 25 degrees. This was going to be one of the coldest sporting events we've covered this year. No, not the Little Rock Marathon. We left that event to this guy to cover: We were off to cover a small, intimate event that would cover about three times the distance of the marathon, the Scott-Tucker-Scott Spring Classic, … [Read more...]

I Feel the Need, The Need for…

...SPEED! It's time again for the Dr. Feelgood Ronde van Burns Criterium Series. I have a habit of calling this the NASCAR of cycling. I'll probably continue to call it that until I've totally annoyed all my friends. In reality it is one of those bike racing events like cyclocross that is very spectator friendly. (note to self: look into sponsoring a car...er....bike) I first shot these … [Read more...]