Crosswinds Classic 2013

For the last two years, participants at the Cross Winds Classic Road Race have had perfect race weather. Despite the name, the wind was rather calm. The mid-30's cold can be a factor for the early categories but as the temperature rose and the racers exertion level rose with it, conditions became ideal for the racers. The race begins with a rolling start from a truck stop just south of … [Read more...]

Reservoir Cross 2012

"I smell food," said the leggy teen as she finished only her second cyclocross race ever. Her first was the previous night, this one was harder...and muddier. When I woke up Sunday morning I took a look at the weather radar online and noticed a lot of rain was just leaving the area. Joy! That meant that the course planned for the days cyclocross race would be wet, the temperatures had also … [Read more...]