Let’s Ride: Mountain Biking in the State Parks of Arkansas

Arkansas State Parks has been a proponent of mountain biking in the state since the 1980's. This Summer, come by the Capitol on a hot day and check out the history of mountain biking in Arkansas State Parks, from the full rigid days of the 80's to the high-tech carbon mountain bikes and gravel grinders. Come check it out and then check out an Arkansas State Park trail. Here is what the … [Read more...]

Rollin’ it Ol’School

The word spread quickly, plans for a gathering of bike minded crazies. Dressed in tweed on a winter Sunday, we would meet and ride. Yes, add Little Rock to the list of cities to host a tweed ride. Tweed rides are a growing part of bicycling sub-culture. No spandex, no mud, no heart-rate monitors, no power meters. Our kits (cycling lingo for riding clothes) included wool instead of nylon, old … [Read more...]