Here comes the Star Spangled Solstice


The final night of the Ronde von Burns Criterium races was last night in Burns Park. The Tuesday night series ended on a very high note with some spectacular racing and for the first time a kids race that was well attended and enjoyed by participants and spectators. The Cottonwoods continued to snow their seeds down on the event as the races proceeded throughout the early evening. Local … [Read more...]

More Than Just a Slobberknocker


Many of us have grown to love certain events that take place in Arkansas; events that we wrap our personal and professional calendars around. Events that must be prepared for, that take up our weeknights and weekends. Events that we begin to look forward to each year. The blame for many of these time sucking circles on our calendars can be placed right at the feet of Central Arkansas Velo … [Read more...]

Spectator Friendly Bike Racing

The 180 Degree Turn.

Back in the late 1800's bicycles were the rage in Central Arkansas and throughout the country. I've even found newspaper reports of bike races in downtown Little Rock during that time. On Spring evenings, bicyclists would line up down around La Harpe and race through the streets in what is now the River Market area. Imagine the wonder of standing on a street corner watching as the single speed, … [Read more...]

Ronde van Burns Summer Criterium Series

"A" Race, Moving fast.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to make the Ronde van Burns Summer Criterium Race last week. For us, the start of the series signals the beginning of Summer. The weather has not yet reached the mugging levels that usually show up in late June. Setting up a lawn chair on the grass under the cottonwood trees at Burns Park to watch a bike racing style that was popular in Central Arkansas in the … [Read more...]

The Crits Are Back in Central Arkansas


I was reminded today by the very cyclist who carried the camera in the video below, that the 2013 Ronde van Burns Summer Criterium Series starts next week. Maybe this will help get you in the mood. (no, the music is not from a 70's porn movie...stop it.) You can also read last year's story to learn what to expect if you want to come out and watch. Also, remember thoser really annoying … [Read more...]

What is this Slobberknocker you speak of?

The Slobberknocker

You may have noticed a race coming up in April called The Slobberknocker. It's a funny name with a hard-hitting meaning: slobber-knocker n. especially in American football, a powerful collision or a match featuring unusual physical violence or intense play; (hence) also in other sports, an exciting game; an exciting or emotional event. Also v., slobber-knock, to hit with extreme force; … [Read more...]

Central ARkansas VElo – 2013 Kick Off Party

It's almost time to get off the trainers....CARVE PARTY!

Every year Central Arkansas Velo (CARVE) has a new season kick off party for it's membership. CARVE, one of the older central Arkansas bike clubs has a mission based around recreational and team cycling: - Promote all levels of competitive racing throughout Arkansas and the mid-South - Support members interested in recreational cycling - Provide clinics and educational events for … [Read more...]

Big Dam Bridge 100 – 2012 Edition

Water please.

The first Big Dam Bridge 100 took place in 2006, shortly after the official opening of the bridge. Since then I have participated in the 100-miler and the 68-miler. I hadn't been training for the long ride this year and wasn't sure how I was going to cover the event when I ran into Phillip Prater at the Gauntlet event last weekend and he suggested that I ride in the CARVE Car. It seems some of the … [Read more...]

Riverside Classic XC Race 2012

Watch to the right as an experienced cyclist goes down but get right back up.

Ahhhhhh....late July in Arkansas...steamy. But that didn't stop the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series from rolling into North Little Rock this weekend. The Riverside Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by Riverside Subaru, took place at Burns Park on Saturday morning but preparations for the race really began a few weeks earlier. The mountain bike trails at Burns … [Read more...]

A Great Community

Tweed Ridin', Polo Playin', CARVE Racin', Charlie. Charlie also has mad skills that allows us to spend more time riding at night.

The "in-crowd" has always eluded me. As a kid I moved around a lot and usually the best I could do was pick up a couple of friends that would last me until my next move. It wasn't until the advent of Facebook that I started having any contact with my old Navy buddies from 30 years ago. And then I landed in Little Rock. I never expected that I would stay here for more than a year. I'd never lived … [Read more...]