The Spa City Mudfest

For the last few weeks snow, ice and cold rain have been the norm throughout most of Arkansas. Winter finally arrived after an unseasonably warm January and it seemed to be working overtime to catch up. The final race of the 2014 AMBCS cross-country, Attila the Hun Cross-Country Race, was certainly the dirtiest, muddiest mountain bike race I've witnessed. The Spa City Endurance Race last weekend, … [Read more...]

Promises Made, Promises Kept

We make promises to ourselves every day; little pledges that we are going to do something good for ourselves. We make those pacts when we are alert and clear-headed - I'll workout tonight, I'll eat better at dinner, I'll get those clothes hanging on the treadmill put away. And then we get home from work and we sit down for "just a second". Next thing you know, the Daily Show is coming on and … [Read more...]

The Long and Short of It.

How many laps can you do on a 10 mile trail in 6.5 hours? That's the question to be answered in the Spa City 6-Hour Marathon Mountain Bike Race. This is the only race of its type in the Arkansas Mountain Bike Marathon Series. The race utilizes a Le Mans start, that is riders stand a good distance away from their bikes at a starting line between two flags at the bottom of a large, grassy … [Read more...]

Feeling like a kid again.

Labor Day weekend will mark the 3rd year anniversary of when I went to a local bike shop and bought my first mountain bike. Having never ridden before, the guys in the bike shop pointed me in the direction of Pfeifer Loop as a good place to learn how to use my bike and to get my first taste of off road riding. From the moment I took off from the trailhead and turned into the loop going over the … [Read more...]

The Wearin O’ The Green

There was no green beer, no corned beef or cabbage, no bagpipes or skipping leprechauns but there were runners in the field, ready to hit the dirt and rocks. Some of them were even wearing green in honor of St. Patrick's Day for the Spa City Trail Run. The run at Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs was the final run in the Arkansas Trail Running Series for this season. The Cedar Glades system … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning – The Spa City 6 Hour

Sure you rode the trainer a few times this winter, had some fun weekend rides, even did a couple of night rides. Mountain biking is a year round sport in Arkansas so you should always be ready to ride. Racing may be a different story. Like a desperate mugger, Spring seems to have jumped from behind a tree and pounced on us. The word at the Spa City 6-Hour race is that everyone was … [Read more...]

Attila 2012

As I sat in the woods, watching  the autumn leaves falling gently on the trail,waiting on the racers to make their first climb up Heart Attack Hill, I couldn't help but wish I was joining them on the climb. I took a pass on racing the last race of the year. I blew out my legs during an Adventure Race the day before (another story) and I was out of the points race anyway. Cedar Glades Park near … [Read more...]

Your Last Chance?

The Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series comes to a close this coming Sunday. This year I embedded myself in the series racing as a Cat 3 racer in all but one race. I haven't trained properly for most of the races. I did get a podium in the first race but I think they let me have that just to keep me around and beat on me for the rest of the series. The upcoming race is one of the older … [Read more...]

Spa City Trail Run

The chance of rain on Saturday became a guarantee of it as we made our way toward Hot Springs and Cedar Glades Park for the 2nd run in the Arkansas Trail Running Series. Luckily, the pouring rain turned to a sprinkle by the time we arrived at the park and had stopped altogether by the time I retrieved my race packet. What the rain left behind was a blanket of steamy humidity and nice tacky wet … [Read more...]

Spa City 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race – Part 2

UPDATE! Race Results are in! The riders did finally get started and into the woods. Some locals and young riders held on for as long as they could but eventually 51-year old, Tinker Juarez, would win the race with 7 laps in. I'll get more specifics up once DLT Multisport gets them posted. They are having a busy weekend with the Du-It-In-The-Dirt Duathlon following on Sunday. Of … [Read more...]