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On a Scale of One to Stupid


On a scale of one to stupid, attempting to compete in an event called 40 Acres of Hell as a last minute bit of fun, is stupid-er. Whatever else, my method of event participation in place of actually training  for events, is consistent. But that kind of stupidity ranks right up there with things that follow "here, hold my beer." Each weekend of October offers a variety of events to attend … [Read more...]

Two Degrees of Separation: Building Community


Community: people with common interests living in a particular area People like to say that little Rock is a city with a small town feel and that Arkansans are so tight knit that here in the South, there aren't six degrees of separation, there are typically just two. A couple of years ago we met cyclist, bike polo player and all around nice guy Vinny through another pair of cycling friends. … [Read more...]

Wheeling Women

The ladies are ready to hit the trails

We've had many occasions recently to celebrate women on bikes. Earlier this year a great new community started forming via Facebook due to the efforts of a young woman, anxious to share her love for healthy living and how cycling fits into that life. Victoria Crumpton's Arkansas Heels on Wheels has since organized ladies rides with women involved in the League of American Bicyclists cycling … [Read more...]

Riding down the road…

The Map

...didn't always mean riding in a car. Lisa knows that I love maps and she came across this one earlier today. It's a circa 1901 map of California Roads for Cyclers.  It was obviously paid for through advertising by various bike shops, suppliers and builders, plus at least one hotel in San Jose. Can you imagine what it was like to go on a ride back then. I was actually born at an unmarked … [Read more...]

Cool Cycling is Back!


How do you know cycling is cool again? It's the posters of course. This weekend the Scott-Tucker-Scott Spring Classic will be rolling out of Scott, Arkansas on an undisclosed route that will pass through Tucker, Arkansas at some point and eventually get back to Scott. It's old school riding, some of the route is paved, some is gravel road. Wind might also be a factor. It will be a gentleman's … [Read more...]

Need a Lift?

Take a ride in the River Market.

We don't often report on things to do that involve just sitting there but sometimes you need to give the dogs a break, let someone else do the pedaling, be a paddle dipper, let the other guy take a pull. In central Arkansas we have a new transportation service that doesn't involve cars, buses, trolleys or Segways (although we still have all of those). You can now enjoy an quiet, easy ride through … [Read more...]

Pre-Race News from Leadville100 MTB

We're ready to cheer for our Arkansas contingent racing tomorrow morning in Colorado at the Leadville 100 mile Mountain Bike Race. Nearly 2.000 riders including champions, icons of the sport, celebreties in the world of mountain biking, even a Libertarian Presidential Candidate will be tackling one of  if not the toughest mountain bike courses in the US. Pro and amateur riders are coming from all … [Read more...]

Run Fast, Pedal Hard, Run Again Doin’ the Du

He thought the invitation said "Formal"

In preparation for participating in a duathlon, most people train by following a strict training regimen like the one prescribed by Beginner Triathlete. For some athletes running and cycling are already a big part of their normal workout sessions so for an event like the Riverside Classic Sprint Duathlon, it's just another tough morning workout. Or if you're this guy, you might still be wearing … [Read more...]

Olympic Feats

Try to get past the logo...just try.

I grew up in a family that watched the Olympics religiously every four years. I even remember one year watching the Summer Olympics on a black and white television set in the driveway getting a signal from an antenna while I painted the garage door. Yes, I'm that old folks and yes, television was available without a monthly payment to anyone back then. Things change. I also spent most of my … [Read more...]

The Cycling Advocacy Hub

Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas

One of my favorite sayings is "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness," and while I hardly believe that all is dark within the cycling community in central Arkansas, I do believe we have some areas that could use a little light. That's why I got involved with Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas (BACA). ArkansasOutside.com is not really an advocacy website but we do have a … [Read more...]