As I write these words, it has been five days since I met forty-seven women, a gaggle of kids, and a batch of manbassadors at Murray Park to ride the 4th annual Central Arkansas Cyclofemme ride. In the weeks leading up to the ride I reminisced over hundreds of photos, past stories, and a lot of feelings both sweet and bittersweet. I spoke to a lot of people about Cyclofemme during those weeks too; … [Read more...]

Cyclofemme 2014, Wheels of Change

UPDATE: Information for the 2015 Central Arkansas Cyclofemme Event is available here. May 11th, 2014 marked the day Arkansas Outside hosted Central Arkansas's third Cyclofemme ride. Fulfilling a mission as important as encouraging and empowering more women to get on their bikes and ride could be a full time endeavor. While we continue striving to share the love of cycling as well as running, … [Read more...]

One Year: A Tribute to Cyclofemme

One year. 365 chances of opportunity. One year ago this weekend, I was participating in my first CycloFemme event. CycloFemme is a worldwide women’s event that occurs on the same day. Women take pledges to “swear to invest my energy, strength, and passion to encourage one more woman to ride a bike.” As we are gearing up for this year’s event, I cannot help but to think about the last 365 chances … [Read more...]

Got Dirt?

There’s something about getting grimy and sweaty with the gals. You feel like you’re breaking the rules. You’re not made of sugar and spice and everything nice. You’re not someone’s girlfriend and you’re not someone’s mother. For that moment at least, all you have to be is a cyclist. ~ Kimberly Grob author and cyclist I've been standing somewhat idly by as I've watched my friend Laura … [Read more...]

We Ride Together

There were 229 rides, 184 cities, 45 US states, 31 countries around the world, and thousands of women. Sunday May 12th, 2013 We Rode Together for the second chapter in the story of Cyclofemme. Women around the world, including in some unexpected places like Rwanda, Ethiopia and India, got on their two wheeled contraptions and rode in celebration of the freedom that comes from pedaling into the … [Read more...]

We Ride Together Cyclofemme 2013

We've talked about our Cyclofemme Ride in 2012. We've committed to doing it again this year. We've set up an event page on Facebook  for Cyclofemme Central Arkansas 2013 and added it to our online calendar. Now all we need is You. Cyclofemme, and the inspiration behind it has been getting well deserved attention from the media recently. Founder Sarai Snyder has been working hard to get the … [Read more...]

Heels On Wheels: How to Get Women to Ride

The League of American Bicyclists website is a treasure trove of information for cyclists and people interested in making our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians.  The largest national advocacy event of the year, the National Bike Summit is coming up March 4-6 in Washington D.C. This year, for the second year in a row, the Summit includes a forum on Women's Cycling . Why a break out … [Read more...]

1 + 1 = A Revolution

(One Rider Encouraging One Rider Equals a Revolution) Earlier this year Arkansas Outside was proud to host one of the 163 Cyclofemme rides that took place in 14 countries across the globe, celebrating women in cycling. The mission of Cyclofemme is: TO HONOR THE PAST and the emancipation of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, for the freedom to choose and the chance to wear pants. TO … [Read more...]

Central Arkansas Celebrates CycloFemme

HONOR THE PAST and the emancipation of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, for the freedom to choose and the chance to wear pants. CELEBRATE THE PRESENT and the riders who keep it rolling, bringing women's racing to the forefront, pushing the limits, breaking down barriers and sharing the love of the bike with everyone along the way. EMPOWER THE FUTURE of women in cycling and the opportunity … [Read more...]

Cyclofemme Promoted

Thanks to Celia Storey at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription required) for promoting the Cyclofemme event in the paper today. If you're looking for more information go to our story or Facebook event page to sign up. Don't forget, FREE (temp) TATTOOS!!! … [Read more...]