2017/18 National Mountain Bike Marathon Championships

That's right, NATIONALS. Here are the latest details. (Well done Fred, well done) The 2017 and 2018 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships will be held in Arkadelphia, Ark., USA Cycling announced on Monday. Todd Wells won the 2015 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships pro title. Tentatively scheduled for late spring 2017 and 2018, the Marathon … [Read more...]

The White Zone

The WHITE ZONE is for loading and unloading only... if you have to load or unload, go to the WHITE ZONE... you'll love it... it's a way of life... - Frank Zappa, The Central Scrutinizer I've never been a fan of naming trails by the color of their blazes. Sure, it's probably an easy, organized way to do it but where is the creativity? Where is the descriptive nomenclature? Where is the … [Read more...]

Iron Mountain, You’ve Gotta Be Handy with the Wheel

The day started like most race mornings, very early, holding a hot cup of coffee and wondering why in the hell I'm doing this. Then, as most do for an out of town race, we all met up in a parking lot to carpool. After a quick exchange of hellos and good mornings, we began loading up our bikes and gear to begin our journey southwest towards Arkadelphia’s Iron Mountain. The race was originally … [Read more...]

You can do it all at DeGray

The notes of  a classic Bob Seger song flowed past the transition area, around the multitude of triathletes and over the crowd of volunteers and spectators, covering the spillway parking area in a warm blanket of 70's nostalgia. It was a cool, crisp October morning, a hint of Fall in the leaves around the lake, cool enough that the water temperature to drop to allow the racers to wear wetsuits for … [Read more...]

Enduro Arrives

I'll admit it, I was a little skeptical of this Enduro thing. Not because I thought there was anything wrong with it; my concern was more about Arkansas mountain biking in general. We are a low population state with a limited supply of mountain bikers to attend races, adding yet another type of racing just might dilute the current races too much. I may have been wrong. Enduro is growing … [Read more...]

That Dam Night Run

The flat truck held a long load of lumber down the center of the bed. The lumber in turn, held a group of runners dressed in wicking t-shirts and shorts, prepared for the heat and humidity of an Arkansas July. Many of those runners yelled, cheered, hooted or hollered at me and Ashley as they sped by us, load after load, truck after truck. Why were we not on one of those transports? Because we … [Read more...]

A Perfect Day to Race Mountain Bikes

It was a weekend of inaugural events. Having a front row seat during this latest growth of outdoor participatory sports is quite the ride. Saturday was spent in the mountains just south of Lake Ouachita at the first Lake Ouachita Vista Trail 100K Run; Sunday was spent in the mountains just south of DeGray Lake at the very first Iron Mountain Endurance Mountain Bike Race. The Iron Mountain Bike … [Read more...]

Tri, Tri Again

I wanted to complain but couldn't. After months of little rain and 100+ degree temps, we finally got some wet stuff. Sure we've had a few little showers here and there but nothing to really get excited about and rain has not inhibited playing outside this summer, until this weekend. 7 am Saturday morning was the scheduled start for the Tri Arkansas Triathlon 1.5kS/ 39kB / 10kR, Tri Arkansas … [Read more...]