• Little Rock Gran Fondo

Tour de Cure: The Hunt for a Peanut Butter and Jelly

Arkansas Heels on Wheels group.

Decked out in my best riding kit, jersey pockets full of fuel for the day, cell phone charged for photo ops, and meeting up with my other Arkansas Heels on Wheels riding buddies, Saturday sounded  like any other morning I was preparing to ride. However, it was not just any normal riding day. Today, I would watch my mother not only join her first organized ride but also beat her longest ride by … [Read more...]

Carving up the Crosswinds Classic


Racing bicycles on the road is different than most other events we cover. It's actually more of a team sport than running, paddling or even trail running. Road cycling teams train together, working out strategies utilizing the strengths of different team members, sprints, climbers, workhorses; it takes all to get a single rider to the front of the pack at precisely the right moment to capture the … [Read more...]

The Inaugural 3 Bridges Marathon

The Clinton Library turnaround before heading back over the bridge.

There was a time when if a cyclist or pedestrian wanted to cross the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock, the options were limited to the Main Street or Broadway bridges downtown or the interstate bridges on the east and west edges of town. Then the Big Dam Bridge opened, connecting  west Little Rock to Cook's Landing in North Little Rock. The popularity of that access helped … [Read more...]

New course, but still classic

As always, everyone had a great time.

Holidays and races compliment each other well.  Valentine’s Day races give you the opportunity to share your love of running in February and Turkey Trots are a cornucopia of fun in November.  For Arkansans, the Saturday before Labor Day means the Arkansas 5K Classic. The race has gone through seven name changes and a course that has had a fair number of modifications.  A few things remain … [Read more...]

Racing in the Streets – 2013 Star Spangled Classic Criterium

Hunter East was happy with the number two spot in the Masters division, his second race of the day.

The tents were going up by 7:30 Sunday morning along the south side of Riverfront Drive in North Little Rock. It wasn't hot yet but the humidity hanging in the air was thick enough be cut with a knife. The rain showers on Saturday afternoon didn't help and like last year, the Star Spangled Classic Criterium was going to be a scorcher. Various team tents were up plus sponsor tents from … [Read more...]

Spectator Friendly Bike Racing

The 180 Degree Turn.

Back in the late 1800's bicycles were the rage in Central Arkansas and throughout the country. I've even found newspaper reports of bike races in downtown Little Rock during that time. On Spring evenings, bicyclists would line up down around La Harpe and race through the streets in what is now the River Market area. Imagine the wonder of standing on a street corner watching as the single speed, … [Read more...]

Heels On Wheels: How to Get Women to Ride

Lisa Mullis, "Look Ma', no feet!"

The League of American Bicyclists website is a treasure trove of information for cyclists and people interested in making our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians.  The largest national advocacy event of the year, the National Bike Summit is coming up March 4-6 in Washington D.C. This year, for the second year in a row, the Summit includes a forum on Women's Cycling . Why a break out … [Read more...]

The Continuing Tale of Bicycle Boy


Standing guard, ever vigilant, since the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library Bridge last fall, Bicycle Boy has been watching cyclists and pedestrians travel along the Arkansas River Trail. At the base of the bridge on the North Little Rock side of the river, Bicycle Boy has been performing his track stand alone for over a year in a small field of grass adjacent to Riverfront Drive. I … [Read more...]

Battered by the Gauntlet

Lisa enjoying the mud section.

The team that once conquered the Warrior Dash was back together to make an attempt at conquering the Gauntlet. These mud filled, obstacle course races seem to be multiplying rapidly across the country as people seek something beyond the 5K or 10K running race. People are looking for more. They want an event to inspire memories and tales of fantastic feats of strength. Little Rock has long … [Read more...]

State Criterium Championships

Some teamwork really paid off for these guys.

The full name of the event was the Dr. Feelgood Star-Spangled Classic Criterium. It's a long name to go along with a long, hot day of road bike racing. Starting at 8 am Sunday morning with racing events lasting until almost 6 pm, this was the ultimate in criterium events. Most criterium events in central Arkansas are held under the shade of the Cottonwood trees in Burns Park during the late … [Read more...]