Syllamo’s Revenge 2013

(Update: We now have video posted from the race...Enjoy.) I have a cruel streak, I'll admit it. It may be why I enjoy covering cyclocross races so much. In fact, I enjoy covering just about any outdoor event where the odds of getting a photo of the perfect "pain-face" are in my favor. Not that I'm a total sadist, I'm usually willing to join in the masochistic endeavour to see what pitiful look … [Read more...]

Bear Creek Canyon – Winter Hiking

Waterfalls, gushing currents slicing through rock highlight overnight trip I recently guided 14 hikers into Bear Creek Canyon to explore the waterfalls and rock formations in this steep and beautifully rugged area. I had been looking for something new and wanted an off-the-beaten path (literally) hike to discover together with the group. It was a perfect winter’s day, and I was even … [Read more...]