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Tour de Cure: The Hunt for a Peanut Butter and Jelly

Arkansas Heels on Wheels group.

Decked out in my best riding kit, jersey pockets full of fuel for the day, cell phone charged for photo ops, and meeting up with my other Arkansas Heels on Wheels riding buddies, Saturday sounded  like any other morning I was preparing to ride. However, it was not just any normal riding day. Today, I would watch my mother not only join her first organized ride but also beat her longest ride by … [Read more...]

Rollin’ Down The Highway


The Highway 71 Classic is, as its name suggests, a classic ride in Northwest Arkansas, attracting more than 200 cyclists a year. While there are a few different ride options (including a "dirty" route), the main one goes from the Greenhouse Grille in Fayetteville to Mountainburg and back, covering just under 75 miles. Highway 71 is wide and smooth, and after leaving Fayetteville, there is some … [Read more...]

Flat, Cold, Windy and Wonderful


Sandwiched by two beautiful Spring days, Sunday was cool, windy and gray. While many people would consider the weather a hindrance to cycling, fifteen teams of five cyclists met at Willow Beach Park along the Arkansas River near Scott, Arkansas to race in the cold wind on an overcast morning. For the second year in a row, Justin Slarks, who many know from Chainwheel Bike Shop in Little … [Read more...]

Carving up the Crosswinds Classic


Racing bicycles on the road is different than most other events we cover. It's actually more of a team sport than running, paddling or even trail running. Road cycling teams train together, working out strategies utilizing the strengths of different team members, sprints, climbers, workhorses; it takes all to get a single rider to the front of the pack at precisely the right moment to capture the … [Read more...]

Out and Back in the Flatlands

Setting up for a pass with just yards left in the race.

This past Sunday morning, on a road that was THE way to get from Little Rock to Memphis before Interstate 40 was built, road cyclists from around the state met to see who is the fastest rider. There is probably no better way to find out than a time trial. Time trials are a true test of an individual cyclist's mettle. No drafting, no team play, no laying back and waiting on a sprint. Each … [Read more...]

Racing in the Streets – 2013 Star Spangled Classic Criterium

Hunter East was happy with the number two spot in the Masters division, his second race of the day.

The tents were going up by 7:30 Sunday morning along the south side of Riverfront Drive in North Little Rock. It wasn't hot yet but the humidity hanging in the air was thick enough be cut with a knife. The rain showers on Saturday afternoon didn't help and like last year, the Star Spangled Classic Criterium was going to be a scorcher. Various team tents were up plus sponsor tents from … [Read more...]

The Pursuit of Glory – The Tri County Shakedown

Robert Mooney showing off his climbing skills.

The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it. ~ Vince Lombardi I've said it before, "epic" is an overused word. It should be saved for those special moments when in the pursuit of glory you are forced to dig deep, those times when you don't think it can't get any worse, and then it starts raining. Your legs ache and your lungs … [Read more...]

Crawdad Kermesse and a Gorilla


For the second year in a row the Crawdad Kermesse tops my lists of cool races that I have attended. The atmosphere, the course, the organization, the announcer, the associated festival, and the weather made this just about the perfect race.  All of the SimplexQ crew but one had attended this race last year so the excitement as we rolled out of Little Rock Saturday was at an all time … [Read more...]

2013 Tour de Hills (The Jasper Disaster)

The author (2nd) and a couple others chasing the leaders near the Mt. Sherman feed zone. (photo by Mandy McCorkindale)

Alex and I loaded up the bikes early Saturday morning and set out for Harrison, AR. Many Arkansas Outside readers are probably familiar with this area because of its proximity to the beautiful Buffalo River. We, however, were making the trip for the Tour de Hills road race. We rolled into town to find a large crowd of riders preparing for the race or tour, both of which would follow the same … [Read more...]

Cool Cycling is Back!


How do you know cycling is cool again? It's the posters of course. This weekend the Scott-Tucker-Scott Spring Classic will be rolling out of Scott, Arkansas on an undisclosed route that will pass through Tucker, Arkansas at some point and eventually get back to Scott. It's old school riding, some of the route is paved, some is gravel road. Wind might also be a factor. It will be a gentleman's … [Read more...]