Spain on Main


I was mentioning to a friend the other day how exciting it is to watch central Arkansas become hip; or weird to use Austin, Texas parlance. I was talking about two of my favorite subjects, food and beer. Watching new breweries open, local and organic farmers markets grow, farm to table restaurants and food trucks flourish has been mouth-wateringly wonderful. I also noted how much of this has come … [Read more...]

Spokes Party!


What's better than mountain biking on one of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) designated Epic trails? Mountain biking on one of those trails in good company, with knowledgeable guides and the promise of a great post-ride party! I've always said, "it's awesome to ride on some of the best trails in the world. But it's even better to share the experience with others." On … [Read more...]

Taking the Slow Road

Hang on Ginkgo leaves, hang on.

Today found me at the day job sans automobile and bike. It was my lucky day. This morning I found out that I had won a contest that I didn't know was really a contest. It seems that by showing my age earlier in the week and guessing pretty close to the original price of a 1973 Schwinn Twinn tandem bicycle I had won a bag of DOMA Coffee from Spokes Bike Shop in Little Rock. It was about 1973 … [Read more...]

Gee Thanks

Good thing I have 26" wheels, a 29" would have never fit in the photo.

Shortly after Lisa and I arrived at Cedar Glades Park for the Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race yesterday, Mike Simmons of Team Spokes approached me and said he had something for us. Thinking I had left something sitting around somewhere or loaned someone something I'd forgotten about I told Mike to just put it in the back of the truck. I'm an idiot. After the race we realized that the gang … [Read more...]

Riverside Classic XC Race 2012

Watch to the right as an experienced cyclist goes down but get right back up.

Ahhhhhh....late July in Arkansas...steamy. But that didn't stop the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series from rolling into North Little Rock this weekend. The Riverside Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by Riverside Subaru, took place at Burns Park on Saturday morning but preparations for the race really began a few weeks earlier. The mountain bike trails at Burns … [Read more...]

The Three Legged Dawg

Racers just getting on the singletrack.

Rain has been missing Arkansas this Spring, and Summer isn't looking much better. The only moisture is resting heavily in the air while the trails remain dry and dusty. This was the main feature of this years Three Legged Dawg mountain bike race on the trails at Iron Mountain near Lake DeGray this past weekend. This race has been part of the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series for a long … [Read more...]