Deciphering Dirtbag Mountain Bike Culture |

This past Friday, I tweeted an invitation to mountain bikers near and far to use an article we wrote a couple of years ago as a guide to mountain biking trails around the state. I chose to use the term, "dirtbags" referencing said mountain bikers. I immediately got called out for insulting mountain bikers by someone who may not know me too well. I have not enjoyed being called out since the first … [Read more...]

Reaching out to you

We make it easy to stay in touch with the Outdoors at You could be planning a trip, preparing for a race (or series of races) or you could just need a little escape in the middle of a workday. Whatever your reason, you can keep up in many ways. Get involved with us also, let us know about races we don't have on the calendar, tell us about your trip or race. You can even write … [Read more...]