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I’m kinda a parks guy. My day job has been with Arkansas State Parks for over eleven years but it goes back way farther than that. I was raised traveling to and camping in National Parks out west. I raised my family going to parks and when I moved to Little Rock twenty years ago, I fell in love with Pinnacle Mountain State Park. It was one of the main reasons I stopped my rambling ways and became an Arkansan. Although Arkansas parks are not mentioned here, the reasons to visit local state parks, regional parks, city parks and certainly special places like the Buffalo National River are covered here. You can learn more about those places here.

Recent studies have proven what we at Outside have always known: Being outdoors makes you healthier and happier. In our increasingly digital world, unplugging is more important than ever. Fortunately, you don’t need to drive for days to a remote national park or drop a grand on fancy gear to enjoy the life-improving power of the outdoors. The nature fix you crave is likely closer than you think, be it the nearby state-park beach, revitalized urban river greenway, or one of the country’s newest national monum

Source: 10 Reasons Why Parks Will Make You a Better Person | Outside Online

Searcy County Waterfall
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