2007 Mud Run

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October is a very busy outdoor month for us. The first cool air, open the windows up, get outside. It doesn’t help that there are a multitude of outdoor events across the state in October. The Raid the Rock adventure race, Rugged Man Triathlon, Race for the Cure, The Arky 100, Tour Da Delta , and lots of friends pulling us out to do various things. A family favorite is the Little Rock Mud Run.

The Mud Run consists of a 5k(ish) run followed by a 300 foot mud slog to the finish line. It is the least serious run of the year. Just about everyone dresses up in costumes. You’ll want to wear something that you don’t care to keep. This is the mud pit before the start of the race:

The Pit
McKenna went as a Freak this year. Lisa was a mad cow (disease). She later had a sign on that said “Udderly Pissed-off Cow”.

I came up with the idea of going as a toilet (think of things that run). This led to a lot of great potty humor along the race course. “I feel flushed”, “Call me John”, “I am a porcelain God!” and of course there were many handle jigglers.

This is the Mad Cow & Freak in the mud pit.

All Sports Productions - Legend Highlands

And then it was time to get hosed off in the freezing cold water from the fire hose.

We all had a great time, went home and cleaned up for the Halloween party that night. But that would be another story.

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