2011 Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race, Little Rock, Arkansas

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Temperatures in the 50’s (Fahrenheit), steady rain for the past 12 hours, a hilly, muddy course….perfect for a day of cyclocross!  I roll up to the race area at Boyle Park in Little Rock. It was raining and showed no signs of letting up. I was wondering if we would have many racers for this one. They showed. Cyclocross racers are a hardy bunch who seem to thrive on weather that others would prefer to enjoy through a window from the comfort of a couch or favorite chair. Last week, for the Turkey Burn Race, the course was muddy but Mother Nature had not thrown in the added enjoyment of a good steady rain.


So with plastic bag over the camera (you can see it in a few shots) I set out to capture the fun. The lap on this course was longer and a bit more spread out than last week’s race. It took me a little more time to get from place to place and to find the best spots for shots. I was able to get some video footage at some choice obstacles .

Next weekend is the state championships at Burns Park in North Little Rock. I haven’t heard the weather forecast yet but it should be another fun one.

Over 200 photos of the misery can be found on our Flickr Page.

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Results are in!

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