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2018 Iron Ranger Challenge

(from website) We have had so much fun with the Iron Ranger Challenge since 2016 we thought we would extend it into 2018. The challenge for 2018 will be to complete 100 miles of physical activity on any public lands within the state of Arkansas. This means any activity you do in an Arkansas National Park, Arkansas State Park, US Forest Service site, National Wildlife Refuge site, Army Corps of … [Read more...]

Bikes and Cakes | Frenetic Fitness

So there I was, cruising the internet looking for a tie-in between bikes and #NationalFruitcakeDay when I came across the Bikes and Cakes post from our own Lisa Mullis' article on the Frenetic Fitness Blog. Sure, it was a summer post but somehow it feels right. I'm not much for fruitcake anyway but his was wonderful. Also, notice the geometry, much more accurate than most of these … [Read more...]

Competition, Camaraderie Fuel Growth of Mountain Bike Racing Among High School Girls

Mountain bike racing is what we call an even playing field sport. No one sits on the bench, everyone participates, which opens it up to various ages and sexes. The rise in National Interscholastic Cycling Association races in Arkansas is giving opportunities for local high school girls to enjoy our trails, our scenery, and some competition. When Cate Mertins first started racing mountain bikes as … [Read more...]

Songs of the Buffalo | Buffalo National River Partners

Below is an excellent way to support the advocacy work of the Buffalo National River Partners in protecting a signature natural resource in The Natural State. Excellent songs for your next road trip to the Buffalo. This album is a collection of original songs about the Buffalo River in northern Arkansas. Several singer/songwriters throughout the Ozarks contributed to this album, which … [Read more...]

110 Years of the Ouachita National Forest

The Ouachita National Forest turned 110 years old yesterday. For the uninitiated, Ouachita is pronounced Wash-it-aw. Forest Service Management Over these years, the 1.8 million acres Ouachita National Forest has managed the forest for a number of multiple uses, including timber, wilderness, recreation, minerals, water and wildlife in Arkansas and Oklahoma. A proclamation by President … [Read more...]

The Elected Officials Rulebook: Interview with Bruce Alt – Front Lines MTB

An excellent podcast featuring local trail advocate Bruce Alt. Bruce was instrumental in forming Central Arkansas Trail Alliance and went on to work as the Government Affairs Officer for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Alt is now back in central Arkansas and can be found working on our local trails. Learn about the delicate balance it takes to work with elected officials to … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Mountain Bike Trail Systems in Prime Riding Condition

Just posted on the Walton Family Foundation Blog, this article hits home to all trail users. Please check with your local trail maintenance group to find out how trail conditions in your area are managed. On any given weekend, you’re likely to find Charles Williams astride his mountain bike, speeding down the singletrack trails of Slaughter Pen in Bentonville, Arkansas, navigating switchback … [Read more...]

Two Wildfires Burning Near Boxley Valley (updated 12/12/17 11:42 am)

(Updated media release 12/12/17 11:42 am) Boxley Area Wildfire Update Harrison, AR: Around midday on Sunday (12/10) two separate fires were reported along Arkansas Highway 21 on the north side of Boxley Valley involving a combination of private and national parklands. By Monday the two fires had coalesced into one and continued to burn within the containment zone while firefighters worked to … [Read more...]

Leaf it Be?

Few things spark controversy among trail maintenance organizations like broaching the subject of blowing leaves off hiking and mountain biking trails. As predictable as the change of seasons, each Autumn I can count on various Facebook feeds, chat rooms and discussions over beers at the local brewery turning to should you or shouldn't you blow leaves off the trails. My initial answer to the … [Read more...]