World Class Trails Coming to Campus

World Class Trails Coming to Campus

The Fayetteville Traverse trail loop is expected to be a one-of-a-kind amenity for U of A students, faculty, and staff. The natural-surface trail, when completed, will connect the U of A campus with Markham Hill, Centennial Park on Millsap Mountain, Kessler Mountain Regional Park, the Arkansas Research and Technology Park, the Tsa La Gi Bike […]

Shift Modern Cyclery

Cycle of Influence Summit – A Bike Industry Conversation

The Record, Bentonville

Speaking to Sergio Bravo, the founder of the upcoming Cycle of Influence Summit in Bentonville, Arkansas, I got the impression that Mr. Bravo is seriously committed to the conversations that previously happened at the now defunct InterBike event. The idea is to bring together “thought leaders” in the cycling industry to discuss some of the […]