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TAO - The Jones Center
Women's Cat 1/2/3 winner, Andrea Wilson, is happy with her win.

Crosswinds Classic 2013

For the last two years, participants at the Cross Winds Classic Road Race have had perfect race weather. Despite the name, the wind was rather calm. The mid-30’s cold can

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The Community Bicyclist
If you hold your mouth just right you won't slide down the hill.

Reservoir Cross 2012

“I smell food,” said the leggy teen as she finished only her second cyclocross race ever. Her first was the previous night, this one was harder…and muddier. When I woke

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Andrea's Scott CX

Bike Tech Contest Results

First, thanks for all those that entered the Slobberknocker Bike Tech Contest and the folks who donated prizes, DLTMultisport, Team CARVE and Fayettechill Clothing. Also Stephen Erickson for planting the

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