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Searcy County Waterfall
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Staying Close on Christmas

With plans for extended  family gatherings on Christmas day, Lisa and I decided to keep our traditional Christmas Day Hike close to home. It’s often hard to find a trail

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Not sure how to interpret this. Any ideas?

Alternatives and Traditions

We have a few traditions around our household. Most are in some way wrapped around Halloween, we are a little obsessed with the heinous day. Another tradition is the Christmas

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Spillway Waterfall

Carrying on the Tradition

Well it was another Christmas Day with time saved for a little tradition that Lisa and I have, the Christmas hike. For some reason we often end up in a state park.

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A wonderful Christmas dinner in an Arkansas State Park cabin!

The Tradition Continues!

Several years ago my wife and I started a tradition of getting away from all the craziness on Christmas morning and going for a hike. For a couple of years

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An Outside Christmas

Christmas is a special time for us. We are not really into a lot of traditions (this year we didn’t even do a tree or lights). I wonder what the

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The Turkey Trots are Coming! Photo by Matti Suopajärvi

The Turkey Trots are Coming!

Yes, we know, it’s not even Halloween yet but the stores are already full of Christmas displays and we feel we need to make a gentle reminder. DON’T FORGET ABOUT

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