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(A follow-up to Ashten’s article from last week.)

I hope you can see how this child can change lives. Her story is about much more than cancer. It’s about life. We would love for you to pass it on to everyone you know and get involved any way you can. It’s all about people helping people. So let’s go show some love.

Photos via Studio M Photography

It was an awesome experience to see so many people come together and support this little girl. Over 250 participants pre-registered for the race, and Barbie was Asher’s escort for the day. It was a day full of joy.

For the past few weeks, we have heard nothing from Asher except how she was going to run the 5K and win a trophy. And she definitely won some trophies.  Instead of taking the trophies, the top three overall finishers accepted hugs from Asher as their prize. I have a feeling those trophies will resurface in the near future as prizes in her many princess games.

If you are interested in ways to support Asher, there are many opportunities. The CureSearch Walk is October 6, and Asher has a team where you can sign up to walk in her honor. Join The Brooklyn Project on Facebook to get updates and cute photos of Asher as her journey continues.

If you would like to donate to the Asher Ray Benefit Fund, leave your name and e-mail address in the comments section, and I will get in touch with you on how to do that. You can also make donations to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Asher’s honor. I am also raising money as a St. Jude’s Hero for the St. Jude’s half marathon. You can donate to my page and help me reach my goal of supporting childhood cancer research. We want you to be involved because you are our support system. We are so thankful and humbled by your generous hearts. It’s really overwhelming in the best possible way.


My hometown of Stuttgart may be small, but it’s not lacking in the love and support departments. The Show a Lil Bit of Love for Asher Ray 5K was a huge success. We are so thankful for all the volunteers, participants and spectators for coming out to support Asher and her family. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how wonderful this event was, but a picture’s worth a thousand words.

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(Editor’s note: One of these days we need to figure out how much money is raised for charities through participatory sports like this in Arkansas. I’m sure it has a very positive impact for the state and for those these charities support. But right now I want to thank Ashten for reminding us that it’s not just about the money. Look at that smile.)

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