ACME Brick Property to Become a City Park

ACME Brick Property to Become a City Park

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The City of Fort Smith announced the acquisition of a significant 113-acre parcel of land along Old Greenwood Road, formerly owned by ACME Brick Company. Purchased for $2.88 million, this strategically located property in the heart of Fort Smith represents a pivotal step in urban development and environmental management.

The expansive area, previously used as a quarry and brick production site, is slated for transformation into a vibrant city park. Plans include the creation of mountain biking and hiking trails on the west side, offering residents new outdoor recreational opportunities. Additionally, the east side of the property will feature a detention pond, aimed at mitigating stormwater and reducing flash flooding in the Maybranch drainage area.

“This acquisition is more than just a purchase of land; it’s a bold statement about our city’s direction,” remarked City Administrator Carl E. Geffken. “The transformation of this historic site into a recreational space, coupled with our proactive approach to managing flooding, reflects our deep commitment to not only enhancing the quality of life for our residents but also to preserving and celebrating our city’s rich heritage.”

This project is funded by the City’s general fund and the 1% sales tax designated for streets, bridges, and associated drainage improvements. The purchase of the former ACME Brick Company property marks a significant milestone in the City of Fort Smith’s commitment to providing amenities and infrastructure designed to attract visitors and investment in our community.

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According to an article in the River Valley edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in May of 2023, Michael Mings, a member of the Friends of Recreational Trails and mobility coordinator for the city of Fort Smith, said the group hopes to create a master plan that would include public input on other amenities to have at the park. He noted building the Brick Yard Park would create a row of parks in the area, with Creekmore Park to the north and the Kelley Park Ballfields to the south.

“This could really be a lifestyle for people,” Mings said. “I’m so used to seeing bike riders move up to Northwest Arkansas for trails or amenities like this because they’re looking for fun things to do.”

(Header image of Fort Smith Riverside Bike and Skate Park courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism)

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