American Scholastic Climbing League Comes to Arkansas (photo courtesy of Little Rock Climbing Center)

American Scholastic Climbing League Comes to Arkansas

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You may have heard of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) which has worked for years to develop interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. Now the climbing world is getting in with a similar program. After 15 years of running a scholastic climbing league in Colorado, the American Scholastic Climbing League is expanding to Arkansas. Climbers can register with the league and compete in local competitions in the Little Rock area starting in the 2023-24 season.

The American Scholastic Climbing League welcomes climbers of all levels from middle and high school. Their aim is to foster positive competition among students. Climbers in grades 6-8 compete in the middle school category, and climbers in grades 9-12 compete in the high school category. Both categories are further divided into Boys and Girls groups.


Forming an officially recognized team in high school is not necessary to participate in the ASCL. If there are not enough climbers of the same gender, they will compete individually and their scores will be submitted through a smartphone. Their scores will be available on the scoring partner’s site after the competition.

The 2023-24 season for climbers and coaches will start in November 2023 and end in February 2024. Registration will open in early September 2023, and competition dates will be posted on our LITTLE ROCK REGION COMPETITIONS PAGE once confirmed.

Registration for the ASCL opens in September 2023. The annual cost to join the league is $100 per climber. Climbers will also have to pay a fee for any competitions they participate in. These fees vary but typically range between $20 to $45 per event. Additionally, some climbers may have to pay team/club fees if required by their school team/club.

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For more information on registration and what you get for your $100 fee, CLICK HERE.


While not required for competition, having a coach has been shown to lead to more successful programs due to their expertise, organization, and continuity. Coaches can be school employees, parents, or even local gym owners, but they must register and meet certain requirements to become an official coach in the ASCL, such as passing a background check and holding a valid first aid/CPR certification.

Check out all of our COACHING REQUIREMENTS.

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Climbers can compete in the ASCL for their school or homeschooled school. A team score is possible when 3 climbers of the same gender compete. Individual scores are available for all climbers. Middle school climbers get individual scores only.

More information is available on the American Scholastic Climbing League website.

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