AO contributor, Cliff Li, enjoying the inaugural Race the Base, 2012.

Another Lap…

Expedition Ozark

…around that big burning ball of gas. ~ Lisa Mullis

That’s right, we’re coming up on two years of cramming every weekend (and a few weekdays) with runs, rides, floats and climbs. We’ve covered races, hikes, been to team parties, followed Arkansas athletes to Colorado, participated in 50K runs and 100 mile rides. I’m exhausted just trying to write it all down.

The BÖIKZMÖIND crowd in 2011

In November of 2011 we worked with Michael Chaffin at the Capital Hotel to bring a movie, BÖIKZMÖIND, to Central Arkansas. At this free showing we introduced and we were off to the races, so to speak.

Yesterday we topped 4000 likes (fans) on our Facebook Page and today we have over 2800 followers on Twitter plus over 500 on both Instagram and Pinterest. The newsletter has well over 300 subscribers and the web site has over 1500 page views per day. There are a lot of fans out there and we appreciate all of you.

Enjoying tasty recovery beverages at Vino's.
Enjoying tasty recovery beverages at Vino’s. (Arkansas Outside Amber Party)

We recently partnered with Vino’s Pizza Pub to bring you our own beer which sold out in just a couple of weeks. 60-70 very interesting people showed up for our tasting party. I saw distance cyclists chatting it up with distance runners, top national athletes hanging out with backpackers and fun runners. Ron King from Recycled Bikes for Kids was there as was radio personality and entrepreneur, Kevin Clay. All friends and all the reason we feel successful.

If you have one of our recovery beverage insulators thank our sponsors who make our travel, time and giveaways possible. Arkansas Cycling & Fitness, DLT Multisport, Spokes Little Rock, Fayettechill, Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters, Go! Running and Orbea USA. Make sure to let them know you appreciate them and their support of Arkansas Outside.

We have also had many writers and photographers help us out over the past couple of years. These folks have given their time and talents for little more than AO bumper stickers. Special thanks to Nicholas Norfolk who travels far and wide bringing you stories of runs all over the state and Cliff Li who has both written for us and supplied a heck of a lot of photos.

But wait, we’re not done yet…

Get involved with us. Make Arkansas Outside even better. Here are a few ways you can help:

up to 50 percent off sale ACF
  • Know of a race or outdoor event in Arkansas that is not on our calendar of events? Let us know, or better yet, let the race director know, they get a free page on We will do whatever we can to help them out. They can even add events themselves.
  • Write a race report! It doesn’t have to be long, tell us how you prepared, how you did, what you would do different the next time, what the venue was like, etc. People love to read race reports before attempting what you just did. Add couple of photos and you are on your way to being a contributor. Just contact us to learn more.
  • Are you friends with a business that would gain from advertising on a site that draws cool, active people like yourself? Put them in touch with us. Sponsors make the financial end of this operation possible and we deliver quality customers to their doors. It’s a win-win.
  • Sign up for the online newsletter. It’s only once a week, we promise, it won’t hurt a bit and it will prove to your significant other that yes, you can commit to something.
  • Grab some good karma by helping out at Recycled Bikes for Kids before Christmas hits. Because kids need bikes.
  • Get outside and play, as Jeremy at Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters says, “Find your stoke.

The Next Party

Don’t forget, Race the Base is coming up on November 16th. This is the second year for this unique trail run and the second year we have sponsored it. Get registered now, sign up your kid for the kid run and even if you don’t want to run, come on out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park that morning and cheer people on, cowbells and noise makers are highly encouraged.

AO contributor, Cliff Li, enjoying the inaugural Race the Base, 2012.
AO contributor, Cliff Li, enjoying the inaugural Race the Base, 2012.

Thanks again and we look forward to the next lap around that burning ball of gas. We’ll see you outside.

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