Arkansans Support Clean Water

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The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas recently conducted a statewide poll of likely voters to better understand conservation interests and priorities. Protection of drinking water sources and conservation of fish and wildlife habitats ranked highest among those polled.

A survey was conducted by Gilmore Strategy Group of Little Rock. Jon Gilmore, founder of the group, said he had not seen favorable numbers as high as the results shown from the survey for any other statewide issue or candidate. “It’s clear voters believe in the importance of conservation,” Gilmore said.

The survey revealed voters’ concern for, as well as their resounding support of the state’s water quality. With 98 percent of those polled citing “protecting sources of drinking water” as an important issue for conservation within the state.  And 87 percent said they would support efforts to reduce sediment runoff from…(more)

Source: Arkansans Support Clean Water

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  1. Well… since Farm Bureau does not vote, does not run for office & does not care about these issues they will just continue to dump money into politicians that will do their bidding… Lobby interest should NOT come before the interest of the citizens and voters of this state.

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