Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series – 2012

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The calendar is out for the 2012 Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series. Nine races throughout the state starting in June and ending in November. Five of the races are in Northwest Arkansas (if you count the Fort Smith area as NW), Three in the Hot Springs/Arkadelphia area and one in Central Arkansas (North Little Rock). All are good trails although I wonder why Spring Hill instead of Ben Geren in the Fort Smith area. And why twice in Arkadelphia when there are so many other great trails in the state (I must admit the Iron Mountain trails are wonderful). I know a lot of it has to do with race support, sponsors and volunteers, all of which are easier to get in more populated areas of the state. Here is the line up:

  • June 3rd – Battle for Townsend’s Ridge Rogers, AR (Article)
  • June 23th – Dawg Days Arkadelphia, AR (Article)
  • July 14th – Fat Tire Festival Eureka Springs, AR
  • July 21 – Riverside Classic North Little Rock, AR (Article)
  • September 8th – Slaughter Pen Jam Bentonville, AR (Article) (Article 2)
  • September 15th – Northwest Arkansas Championship West Fork, AR (Article)
  • October 7th – Spring Hill Classic Barling, AR
  • October 28th – Iron Mountain Classic Arkadelphia, AR
  • November, 18th – Attila the Hun Hot Springs, AR

I had heard that Old Post Road in Russellville was a likely site for one of the races but it looks like it didn’t make it. I plan to race the series this year the two weekends in a row for Slaughter Pen and Northwest Arkansas Championship will be tough to make.

One cool thing about these cross-country races is that many of them are part of larger festivals. take the whole weekend and enjoy some good times in Arkansas. Check out these event weekends:

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  • Dawg Dayz – June 23-24 – Mountain Bike Races, XTerra Triathlon & Duathlon, Trail run.
  • Fat Tire Festival – July 13-15 – Kids events, Downhill, Cross-Country, Short Track. A big mountain biking party!
  • Riverside Classic – July 21-22 – Cross-country and Duathlon
  • Slaughter Pen Jam – September 7-9 – Music, kids events, mountain biking
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The series is won on points. Ride well, ride often and you get more points. Another way to earn points is through Pay Dirt. Do some trail work and get points.

What do you think of the schedule? How many races can you make?

Photo from 2011 Attila the Hun Race.
Photo from 2011 Attila the Hun Race.
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  1. when do you have to register for race.How many racers are there that take part in this event.Is there a an amount of money i whould have to pay to get in this race for championship.Do u have to get a sponcer.I was just trying to find out how it all works.

        1. Pro’s race in Cat 1, if you’ve never raced you should start in Cat 3. If you are in the top 3 overall in cat 3 then move up to cat 2 in the next race. You’ll get a feel for where you belong in the first race or two. Have fun.

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