Arkansas Mountain Bike Trails – The Destination

Searcy Hiking/Waterfalls

According to this video, Arkansas mountain biking is all about community, and that is no lie. Although a bit more time on the Central Arkansas/Hot Springs scene would have been nice since it’s had a strong mountain bike community since the 1980s. Video blogger Jeff Kendall-Weed says, “Word on the street is that the mountain bike scene in Arkansas is something pretty incredible. I wanted to check out the trails, and I really wanted to meet the people behind this movement and who live it daily.” Yes, it’s pretty incredible, watch for the opening scenes on the Jackfork Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, a trail that Lisa Mullis, Daron Harris, and I built several years ago. Jeff seems to have found some new lines. Also look forward to additions to this trail system in the coming year.

Arkansas is turning into a top mountain bike destination for vacationers, but more importantly is becoming a destination for those looking for quality of life.

The Community Bicyclist
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