Arkansas or How the heck did I get here?

Searcy County Waterfall

46 Years – California, Kansas, Montana, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, Alabama (again), Florida (again), Illinois, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama (not again!), South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and then ARKANSAS!

Air Force brat, Retail whore, never more than 5 years in any one state. Now it’s been 10 years in Arkansas. I could have moved but I was finally done. Arkansas helped me rediscover my youth and is where I found my true love and my favorite job ever. So here I am.

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Although Arkansas is considered landlocked it actually has thousands of miles of shoreline. Starting with the Mississippi River, defining the entire eastern border of the state, The Arkansas River spliting the state down the middle and the White river which starts in northwest Arkansas, travels north into Missouri, and then back down through the delta region of Arkansas and into the Mississippi in southeast Arkansas. Add to that numerous lakes, wetlands and secondary rivers including the first National River, the Buffalo and you have one wet state. Of course that’s not all, two major mountain ranges, the Ozarks and the Ouachitas. Unique geological formations like Crowley’s Ridge in east Arkansas, the caves of the Ozarks and the timberlands to the south and you have an outdoor persons paradise!

I have mountain biked the Ouachitas, adventure raced the Ozarks, kayaked the delta. Hiking and canoeing all over the state. This is certainly the place for someone like me. Is it the place for someone like you? Follow this blog as I describe my adventures and my family’s adventures in the Arkansas wild.

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