Arkansas, the Scuba Diving Capital of…well Arkansas


Scuba Diving Lake NorfolkDon’t laugh. Scuba diving is alive and well in the Natural State. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried it yet but it does sound fun. Luckily one of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism writers has taken care of checking out the local scuba diving scene. Jill Rohrbach has gone where few of us have, the depths of Lake Norfolk in north central Arkansas. How could you pass up an article that starts with this, “‘Breathing. You were planning on doing that anyway, right?’ Denise said with a smile. Indeed I was. And apparently now I was going to do it like a fish, bug-eyed and in the water.” You can read Jill’s story here, Adventures Scuba Diving in Norfork Lake.

Besides Norfolk lake, I understand that scuba diving and snorkeling are really good at Lake DeGray and Lake Ouachita. They are considered some of the cleanest lakes in the country. Check with local marinas for scuba diving lessons and sites.  If the equipment and depth are a bit much for you check out one of the snorkeling programs at DeGray Lake Resort State Park or Lake Ouachita State Park. Oh, and don’t forget to breath.

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  1. Don’t forget about Greers Ferry Lake. I’ve blown bubbles there for about 15 years, what a great place to do some spear fishing.

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