Keeping it Human Powered and Outside

Arkansas Outside recently asked for our help by sharing with them the Human Powered, Outside Weekend we had recently. And being the good Boy Scout I am, I am happy to comply. And by “Boy Scout” I mean I’m a girl. And by “asked for our help” I mean AO simply blogged about wanting readers to share their own stories of adventure. This article is completely unrequested, but I know where Joe and Lisa … [Read more...]

Warrior Dash Arkansas 2013

As a red head there are few things about the beach I like. First I only come in two colors: red and white. There is no tanning for me; so, once I get my fill of swimming, there’s nothing for me to do. Second after applying 50 layers of sunscreen, sand gets into crevices you never even knew you had. Mud is kinda the same way. The Warrior Dash, which benefits St. Jude Research Hospital, is known … [Read more...]

CATS/Toad Suck – Sprint Triathlon

In March 2010, I began to lose sight in my left eye.  After going to a plethora of doctors, it was discovered I had left, acute, retro-bulbar optical neuritis which is usually the first symptom of multiple sclerosis.  56%-88% of sufferers who also have white lesions on their MRI brain scan—which I did—are diagnosed with MS.  When I received the diagnosis of MS, I felt my options were limited on … [Read more...]