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We were in Bella Vista over the past weekend and noticed local residents using the trails to walk to shopping. As many of the main roads do not have wide shoulders or sidewalks this appears to be supporting both a safe community and a healthy one. Yesterday, study results were announced on the impact of these trails on Bella Vista. As a side note, the city is currently constructing 50 more miles of trails just west of highway 71 bringing the total number of soft surface trails to 90 miles.

(from the City of Bella Vista page)

Spirit of Syllamo

A trail impact and usage study was conducted by a University of Arkansas doctoral student within the Department of Health and Human Performance over a two-week period during spring 2018. Data was obtained by a digital survey circulated via the City of Bella Vista social media sites. The survey determined the characteristics of trail users, including demographic information and usage patterns; sections of trails used most frequently and primary reasons for trail usage; and spending patterns of trails users, including the amount spent of gear, meals, and lodging and overnight stays.

Click for the full report: Trail Report Final

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