Back in the saddle again…come on, sing along….

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I guess I’ve laid off this blog for long enough. Over the past few months, I’ve had real problems with motivation. Best intentions and no follow through. Just in the last week or so, I was able to pull out of my funk and find my inner athlete.

It may have started with the Tour de Rock. It may have been toying with the idea of doing the Raid the Rock Adventure Race this year. Anyway, I’m not feeling like an old man anymore. Last Sunday I did a great 4.5-mile hike with my son. It rained, we hiked quickly, it was all good. Then on the fourth, I did a 13-mile bike ride over many hills from home to the river and back. This weekend I talked Lisa into doing some workouts with me. Saturday we did the same ride that I had done on the 4th but added going all the way down to the river market, buying some produce and riding home for an almost 20-mile ride with lots of hills (over 1000 ft of elevation gain). On Sunday we did the whole Pinnacle Mountain route (761 ft of elevation gain). On both days we finished the day with yard work.
Yesterday I did an upper body workout for the first time in months. It was good and I’m feeling better about myself. I get down on myself sometimes not due to an inability to reach an athletic goal but more because I can’t get the motivation to try. Hopefully, I’m back in the swing. I think I’ll take a rest day today and just walk the dogs. With hills of course!
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  1. I understand the struggle with motivation… to the tune of about 30lbs in the past 5 years. The treadmill calls out to me each night, I can hear it from my spot on the sofa.

  2. Start with some walks with the dog and kids. They don’t have to be long. I know some guys at work (one is the HR guy) who walk everyday at lunch. They are losing a lot of weight.

    Of course the hardest part is diet.

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