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The weekend warrior is back! After not doing any working out for weeks due to an overabundance of well meaning excuses it was time to get back in the woods. Trails of choice would be our own local playground, Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We opted for a trail run/walk/crawl/drag-our-body workout starting at the eastern terminus of the Ouachita Trail near the parks’ visitor center.

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The Ouachita Trail
The flat part of the trail heading toward the mountain.
The East Summit Trail, "Steepest Trail in Arkansas"
Time to go UP!
You have to remember to stop and checkout the view
We made a stop at the top to talk to and take photos of out of town visitors, "Say Cheeseburger!"
Time to head down the West Summit Trail.
Time to head down the West Summit Trail

The new base trail is a beautiful stroll through the woods
Eventually we came back to the Ouachita Trail
Soon we were headed back up to the visitor center

“Leaf-Off” is still one of my favorite times of the year in Arkansas. Everything is so open and clear. The cool is back in the air now and it makes the senses so intense. Remember also, no bugs, snakes or any of the other reasons that might keep you from the woods. So put a coat on and head on out!

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