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I grew up in swimming pools and lakes. My father was an College All-American swimmer, my sister went to college on swimming scholarships and in high school age group swimming I was ranked in the top five in a couple of events in the state. Yeah, we’re a bunch of fish. Or should I say school?

Anyway, I’ve toyed with swimming throughout my adult years. I was swimming in a masters swim program for a few years. I struggled through several triathlons. Unfortunately, swimming is my strongest part of a triathlon. I hold my own on the bike and then fall completely apart on the run. I’ve always been a lousy runner.

Now I’m back in the water. Lisa and I joined the Jim Daily Fitness Center here in Little Rock and have been there to swim three times in the last week. That would be almost a habit. Lisa is trying to learn to swim competitively or what she calls, “finishing the swim without drinking the lake.” I try to help but I’ve never coached and swimming is too natural for me so it’s hard to give her advise. Mainly I try to be supportive.

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The facility is pretty nice for a public workout center with a good workout area and the indoor pool is virtually empty in the early morning. I’m making myself do drills and working the distance and speed back up to where it should be. It’s too bad that I can’t seem to give the same attention to running. One day I’d like to finish the run on a triathlon without “drinking the lake.” I did go out and run some sprints around the block on Wednesday morning. Not enough to do much but maybe it will turn into something more.

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Anyway, some running tomorrow, a day on a river Saturday and some cycling and orienteering on Sunday is the plan. Their are many races coming up this fall. An adventure race later this month, triathlon and century bike ride in September, one or two triathlons in October and another adventure race in November.

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