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You may have read here that I’ve been doing some trail work out at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The background is that a few of us got together with the Park a couple of years ago and dotted the proper “i’s” and crossed the appropriate “t’s” and they allowed us to design and build a couple of mountain bike trails, the Jackfork (intermediate/advanced) and the Rabbit Ridge trails (easy). We opened them officially last October as part of the International Mountain Biking Association’sTake A Kid Mountain Biking Day.”

Part of the agreement was that we would also maintain the trails once they were built. This keeps us doing something for the trails 3 or 4 times a month. The trail doesn’t really need much maintenance but we do like to make improvements, getting rid of rocks that seem to grow in the worst possible spots, smoothing out a turn here and there and a little pruning so no one puts an eye out. The rocks are the real work so we have taken to carrying a 10 lb sledgehammer as we work the trails.

Here is a video of what can happen while working a section of trail (no one actually injured other than sore muscles)


So why do we do this? Well that’s easy. The above video was taken on Saturday, the following video was taken on Sunday (Pay Day!)

All Sports Productions - Legend Highlands


If you are interested in helping with a spring cleaning day just subscribe to the blog or keep up with us on our facebook page. Once things start blooming we will have some work to do. In the meantime, go ride or run one of these trails. It’s a blast.

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  1. Amazing stuff! I love seeing people taking the things they love and making a concerted effort to see it become a reality. Awesome job, Joe!

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