Bicycling in Arkansas – 40 Years Ago – Part 2

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There is still a great deal of relevance to this 40-year-old map/guide. First, a bike is still a bike, two wheels, a pedal/crank drive system, and an engine that burns fat. There are some old addresses and phone numbers that I have redacted as they now go to other places.


This first image today is of the “Information You Need To Know”. It’s the page they expect you to read before you get into the meat of the document. That stuff you usually skip over. Much of the information is still relevant. If you would like to know more about Arkansas Bicycle Code, please take a look at the Bicycle Safety Manual for up to date information on how to ride on the roads of Arkansas.


The “Two-Wheel Travel In Arkansas” section is about being safe when you’re out there. Again this all pretty much applies today. Although this document is 40 years old, the second paragraph could be written today. We have been slow in teaching “many motorists (who) still don’t know how to cope with a bike enthusiast.” It is slowly changing. I would recommend any new cyclists to read over these 12 safety rules. What rules would you add if we were writing this today? (put your answers in the comments).

That about does it for this edition. Next week, we’ll go over bicycle touring and bike camping, yes, it was a thing 40 years ago.

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