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Nice to see the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism promoting one of the truly great activities in Arkansas, Bicycling.  They have published a new brochure which is hot off the presses.  Half of it is a guide to mountain biking trails and the other half dedicated to road rides.  An excellent sampling featuring 11 mountain bike trails and 11 road rides throughout the state. It is obviously just a taste of the excellent bicycling opportunities in Arkansas. Also included is a fold out map complete with location of all the rides represented in the brochure, state laws concerning bicycling and Web site urls for area riding clubs and riding events. You can download one here: Bicycling in Arkansas.

I’m really glad this resource is now available particularly for those poor cyclists not fortunate enough to live in Arkansas.  One more reason to visit the Natural State.  I’m often talking with cyclists from states like Colorado, Utah, Ohio and Illinois who like to talk about their cycling “mecca”.  They often wax on eloquently about how awesome the cycling season is in their state.  I then usually tell them about our cycling seasons in Arkansas, we’ve even named them – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Want a flat road ride? We’ve got that. Want to climb some hills? We’ve got that. Want an IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) “Epic” ride? Well, we’ve got two of those. Who’s ready for a ride?

Searcy County Winter Accommodations.

You can also watch this video produced by Parks & Tourism:


Searcy Hiking/Waterfalls
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