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Bikepacking is a growing sector of the cycling market and Arkansas is a strong player. The recent visit from Idaho native, Rebecca Rusch, to set a fastest known time on the newly christened, Arkansas High Country Route and the subsequent race on the same route are only the most recent developments. The Ozark Grinder Route, The Ouachita Triple-Crown, and of course, the High Country Route offer great views, stout climbs, and friendly locals. There are also other, less formal routes throughout the Ouachitas, Ozarks, and over flatter terrain in the eastern part of the state. If you’re looking for some challenges, has you covered along with how-to information. Enjoy and get your tires in the gravel. Someone might want to reach out and let them know about Ozark Grinder and the other loops of the High Country Route.

Bikepacking Guide to Public Lands

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