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So there I was, cruising the internet looking for a tie-in between bikes and #NationalFruitcakeDay when I came across the Bikes and Cakes post from our own Lisa Mullis’ article on the Frenetic Fitness Blog. Sure, it was a summer post but somehow it feels right. I’m not much for fruitcake anyway but his was wonderful. Also, notice the geometry, much more accurate than most of these creations.
Fruit Bike

Sometimes I have to choose weekend workouts carefully. I don’t always have time to do as much as I’d like. Since life’s a bit busy over at Arkansas Outside, I have to time those weekend workouts well to get it done. The fact that we’ve had excessive drought and high temps for weeks now isn’t helping. The best bit of biking I’ve done recently is this:

Source: Bikes and Cakes | Frenetic Fitness

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