Bill Nye, how to ride a bike.

Biking with Bill Nye

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Yes, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, is ready to get you rolling.

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Cycling is growing across the country and in particular, Arkansas. All kinds of cycling. Do you want to commute by bike, road race, mountain bike, get a little exercise, do a long tour? What kind of bike do you need? Where should you ride? How do I buy a bike? How much should I spend? Are there rules? What the heck is a derailleur? It’s almost as complicated as…well…SCIENCE! Never fear, Bill Nye is here to help you through it and show you just how simple it really is to ride a bike.

Nye, who became famous with his popular children’s science show in the 1990’s, started his career as a mechanical engineer at Boeing. In his latest endeavor, The Science Guy works with Diamondback bikes in a series of videos explaining how to get into bicycling. Here is the first video:

You can watch all the videos at the Diamondback Website.

Ride On Arkansas

Link to Northwoods Trails, Hot Springs, AR.
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